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3HZ-T20 Solar Ventilator

3HZ-T20 Solar Ventilator
  • 3HZ-T20 Solar Ventilator
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Solar fan / ventilator use solar energy technology research and development of solar energy into solar ventilator is the most secure, most convenient and most environmentally friendly green energy-saving products, sunny day when the fan can be based on your needs will air inhalation room, car, the ship or the air exhaust, while electricity and will be stored in the body of the high-capacity rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, so that when the fan is working to provide electricity at night. He three solar ventilator suitable metal housing, factories, warehouses, loft, greenhouse, balcony compartment, the glass house of the "intake" or "exhaust", also can be used in tents or cabins of the "ventilation" in order to avoid long-term high temperature due to indoor mold or odor solar ventilation fans Product Features: 1. , ventilation can be used in factories, warehouses and a variety of attic roof, ventilation and dehumidification 2, solar powered, without connecting to the mains; DC low voltage operation, safe and reliable; 3, according to the strength of the sun automatically adjust the amount of wind, the sun more strong, the greater the amount of wind, the largest wind capacity 750m3 / h; 4, intelligent temperature-sensitive control, without manual operation, the temperature above 25 ℃ work below 23 ℃ stop; 5, high-quality solar photovoltaic panels, high pressure resistance, impact, performance stability, long life; 6, enclosed housing design and housing material to add anti-UV ingredients, good weather resistance, durable; 7, multiple protection devices, water, insects and rodents, anti-debris