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Guangzhou 3Hz Solar Power Supply System

Guangzhou 3Hz Solar Power Supply System
  • Guangzhou 3Hz Solar Power Supply System
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Small household solar power system (120w) III He household solar power is a portable solar system with automatic control, automatic protection, without human duty, compact, reliable, quiet, no noise, ease of use Solar Power System Description: 1. Use microcontroller and dedicated program, intelligent automatic control; 2. Real-time monitoring of battery voltage, current, charge and discharge rate and ambient temperature, overcharge and over discharge control of multi-parameter dynamic compensation adjustment operation, dynamic optimization control system, the system has high stability, environmental adaptability together reliability; 3. overcharge, over discharge, electronic short circuit overload protection and other automatic control; 4. Charge control the lifting, direct charge, float mode automatically switches to ensure battery life; 5. Inverter part of the high anti-load impact design, to ensure the normal start-up and driving ability televisions and other large impact load 6. The working status indicator 7. Power and long service life, solar panel life of up to 25 years or more technical parameters: Model: 3HZ-H120WP host output capacity (peak): 900W Output voltage: 5V / 12V / 220 V (optional 110V) Output frequency: 50 Hz photovoltaic panels power: 120Wp battery capacity: 100AH ​​permissible ambient temperature: -20 --- + 60 ℃ Humidity: 10 --- 80% Dimensions: 0 mm Weight: 0 kg can be customized according to customer requirements for various power solar power system is suitable for: wild operations, field activities, home emergency, remote areas, villas, wireless signal transfer station satellite ground receiving stations, weather stations, forest fire stations, border posts, no electricity islands, grassland and other electrical, especially suitable as mobile or backup power.