FRP gel coat tile production line

FRP gel coat tile production line

Product description:

FRP Gel Coat Tile Production Line

Installation Size: 50/60*4/6*4.5 m (L*W*H)

Production Range : Gel coated FRP lighting sheet , flat sheet, dust suppression sheet, colored sheet and antiseptic sheet.

Installed Power: 70-120 kw

Required Power: 40-70 kw

Production Efficiency : 2-8m/ min

Equipment Performance:

1: Able to produce FRP gel coat sheet with a thickness of 0.6mm-4.0mm.

2: Sheets of different shapes can be produced with the change of molds.

3: Wave height will be under 130mm.

4: Operators: 4-6

Materials : Unsaturated ployester resin, fiberglass chopped strand mat, glass fiber roving, BOPET film, pigment, curing agent and accelerator.

Application: Industrial plants with acid and alkali corrosive gas and high-clean areas.