FRP gel coat flat sheet equipment

FRP gel coat flat sheet equipment

Product description:

FRP Gel Coat Flat Sheet Equipment

Installation Size : 50-80*2/4*3.5m (L*W*H)

Production Range : FRP gel coat flat sheet, embossing sheet and decorative sheet of different colors.

Installed power : 100kw-160kw

Required Power : 40-80 kw

Production Efficiency : 2-6 m/ min

Sheet width : 1000-3000 mm

Gel coat thickness : 0.2-1.0mm

Sheet thickness : 0.6-5.0 mm

Materials: Unsaturated ployester resin, fiberglass chopped strand mat, glass fiber roving, BOPET film, pigment, curing agent and accelerator.

Application : Truck, touring car, travel car, container, refrigerator, wall decoration board, ceiling board or other special purpose products.