COTEetCI UFO Star Portable Power Supply

COTEetCI UFO Star Portable Power Supply

Product description:


  • Using the world's latest USB intelligent control chip and charge and discharge chips to enhance the charge-discharge efficiency, up to 96% conversion rate of the terminal.

  • The world's top circuit chip is not only more secure, more effectively improve the conversion rate charged, stable discharge voltage, and has a sense of precision resistor-capacitor devices. Actual output capacity than ordinary mobile power more durable.

  • Unique double-sided brushed alloy casing delicate slim portable, all-metal top and bottom cover 304 stainless steel, polished in a clean environment and drawing process.

  • Compatible with all major digital devices compatible with Apple, Samsung, millet, HTC, Sony, Nokia and so on all kinds of mobile phones as well as major brands of digital products.