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Winter 35 | winter wool gloves | women | winter bow simple fashion trend soft points | cashmere gloves

Winter 35 | winter wool gloves | women | winter bow simple fashion trend soft points | cashmere gloves
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Brand: latitude 35 °
  • size: one size
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: yes
  • Style: finger gloves
  • Item: YM001
  • Color classification: big bouquet red wine big red dot dessert wine red dots brown big bow deep purple big bow black dot violet big bow lan dots gray big bow tie brown hair ball black
  • Texture: Wool / Cashmere
  • Category: Female
  • Applicable people: youth: 20-39 year olds
  • According to the relationship of gifts: lovers

'Autumn and winter thin paragraph warm wool gloves'Pro, this is a thin section of lightweight wool gloves, suitable for Early winter Time to wear or the weather is very cold when the outside plus a glove can be oh.

(About thickness) Gloves, especially wool gloves, is not the thicker the better Oh, mainly lies in the fabric is not really wool Oh, the warmth of the wool is very good, too thick gloves will become bloated, no hands to kiss do not have to worry too Thin warranty does not keep the problem Oh!

(On hand) Please pro-bright eyes, hand is the description of the real wool, not the hand is the acrylic, Pro, this glove is a high content of wool, under normal circumstances the higher the wool content of wool fluffy fabric will be more Zhaoshou, this is a normal phenomenon, as long as the pro-wash once and then wear will be very smooth, and if the pro to buy First wear on Smooth gloves, that pro should pay attention to may be imitation wool nitrile gloves.

(For color difference) Pro, baby are in kind, but because of the impact of light and ambient light factors and the display is different, baby kind and photos will be a little color, physical darker than some photos, our professional designers have reduced the color to a lower level , The overall deviation is not, hope pro-known.