Pneumatic Furnace Building Machine ▏Z-type two-hammes

Pneumatic Furnace Building Machine ▏Z-type two-hammes

Product description:

u Working schematic

The pneumatic furnace building machine is composed of compressed air distributor, cylinder liner, air hammes, length control rod and chain, mainly used for tamping, ramming or knotting of dry lining materials of IF furnace. This furnace building machine takes the design by air hammes hammering the inner wall of crucible, let the different size powders of lining materials filling the space each other, get the effect of lining materials dense. This machine also takes the design of automatic turning. It could automatic turn, and change any of the input air quantity to adjust the vibration power, assure the rammed materials even.

uWhy use furnace building machine

⒈ Reduce the manpower and shorten the operation time

The mix materials are put into the furnace hearth and induction coil by one time, one or two workers could finish the operation, reduce the manpower and shorten the operation time (for a 10 ton furnace, operation time just need one hour) .

⒉ The crucible is even

After the mix materials are put into the furnace hearth by one time, the machine turn from the lower to upper, the materials is uniform; the furnace lining thickness is even too.

⒊ The sintering layer of mix materials with even thickness

The vibrated mix materials is even, no foreign matter entered, reduce the local corrosion due to the foreign matter entered, keep the sintering layer with even thickness, also could maintain the powder layer and prevent the accident of melt water exude because of local corrosion.

⒋ No harm for induction coil and furnace during working

The furnace building machine turn and knot in the furnace, could not bring harm for the induction coil by directly impact.

⒌ The big volume of mix materials, keep the materials with high filling density.

⒍ Cost down

Traditional method consume amount of manpower and time but with short lining service life, it could not satisfy the production requirements. Use furnace building machine could resolve these problems and cost down.

⒎ Improve the working environment

Due to ramming in the furnace, little dust occur, improve the working environment.

Z-type two-hammes.

Vibration power : 1800 N

Vibration frequency: 56 Hz

Air consumption (single head) : 13 L/ S

Required air pressure: 0.6 Mpa

Application: for furnace wall furnace building operation.

[0.75 - 2 Ton IF Induction furnace]

uSome reference information

⒈ About the operation time

For a 20 ton furnace, will take 6 - 7 hours to building.

For a 10 ton furnace, will take 2.5 - 3 hours to building. If by DA-Type, just need 1.5 -2 hours.

For a 5 ton furnace, will take 2 hours to building.

⒉ About the service life

Depends on the use frequency, usually the hammes are the only replaced parts. For one set of hammes, if building a 20 ton furnace every day, the service life will be 3 months.

⒊ How to select a suitable machine?

For the furnace wall vibrator, firstly according to the furnace capacity select the type, then select the suitable dimensions according to actual crucible inner diameter, for example: Ø600 ~ 840, Ø900 ~ 1140, Ø1000 ~ 1240, Ø1100 ~ 1340. If want a faster machine, DA type is prefer. If the crucible diameter balance more than 280 mm, DB type will be selected.

For the furnace bottom vibrator, select the vibration plate diameter according to the induction coil diameter.

Anyway, this machine is customized. If you have any questions, suggestions or other requirements.