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Factory direct outdoor led display | P12 full color led display | full color led advertising display

Factory direct outdoor led display | P12 full color led display | full color led advertising display
  • Factory direct outdoor led display | P12 full color led display | full color led advertising display
Product code: 26751400001
Unit price: 4300-5300 CNY
Reference price: 624.13-769.28 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Brand Epistar model XY-HPD12A Custom processing It is
Installation Wall-mounted Rated current 20 (mA) Rated voltage 220 (V)
Resolution 16*16 Grayscale 256*256*256 brightness Highlight
Module size 192 * 192 (mm) screen size 3840 * 2880 (mm) Use of the environment outdoor
display method Random motion video, information display Display Colors Full Color Pixels 320*240
Pixel pitch 15 (mm) Pixel diameter 15 (mm)

product description

product information

    • Product Name: P12DIP outdoor full color led display
    • Product size: 960 * 960mm
    • Brand: West video
    • Color: Full Color
    • Material: Taiwan wafer Hangzhou Silan green blue red +
    • Box structure: metal box (sealed waterproof box)
    • Waterproof grade: front IP65 / rear IP54

Install real shot

Overall housing scene Screen Play

Real Steel installation site

Product main component

P12 DIP P12 DIP positive full-color full-color module Front Back

Domestic famous Taiwan Meanwell certified power supply

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      A11, 5th Floor, direct manufacturers, factories Address Fuyong Shenzhen Second Industrial City and achievement of elite ocean, supply authentic, quality assurance.

    • Screen, box size

      Design size length and width dimensions according to Screen box, the conventional standard box is 1024 * 768mm, box splicing gap uniform.

    • About Color

      LED lamp beads in strict accordance with the ratio of R, G, B is 3: 6: 1 ratio ratio, LED display white balance even without color cast, coordinate X axis: 0.25-0.30, Y-axis: 0.25-0.30, color pure, bright colors.

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      Available according to your actual situation appropriate quote for your project design program, ready to answer your questions LED display experiencing any difficulty in the procurement process, but also can provide the products according to your specifications detailed quotation for you.

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      We will provide comprehensive after-sales service, in time for your peace of mind, depending on the product, we offer 1--3 year warranty; the warranty period, if the product fails we will repair or replace the original components as project produced by our company, the customer feedback problems will provide a solution within two hours: the ability to remotely operate resolved immediately with the user to solve, as a major display technology will arrange itself quality problem can not be solved remotely personnel to the site within 1-3 days for users to solve problems.

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