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P10 outdoor full color LED display industry product sales champion | P10 outdoor fully colorful modules wholesale

P10 outdoor full color LED display industry product sales champion | P10 outdoor fully colorful modules wholesale
  • P10 outdoor full color LED display industry product sales champion | P10 outdoor fully colorful modules wholesale
Product code: 26751300001
Unit price: 3600 CNY  (523.24 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Brand State Model P10 Installation methods Support type
Screen size 8.8*3.2 Use environment Outdoor Display color Full-color
Pixel pitch 10 Chip brand Wafer Provide test reports Yeah

Shenzhen State P10 outdoor fully colorful display screen


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LED lighting parameters:

LED module parameters:

Sealed box Description:

Screen introduction

Maximum power consumption

900W/ m2

Average power consumption

450W/ m2

Color temperature


Protection class


Working environment humidity

10%-90% RH

System operating environment temperature


Optimal viewing distance


Color types


Levels of gray

4,096 levels

Brightness control

256 levels

Digital processing


Frame rate


Display refresh rate

) 300HZ

Power supply mode

220V/ 50HZ

Mean time between failure

≥ 10,000 hours

Service life (50% light)

More than 100,000 hours

Modules uniformity


Blind spot rate


Leakage current


Control mode

Synchronize with the computer monitor

Signal connections

Five network cable CAT5 transmission

Operating system platforms

WINDOWS (982000, XP, Vista)

Signal format (video processor)

VGA, DVI, RGBHV, PbPr (HDTV) ,Composite, S-Video, TV

Control distance

GB wire transmission distance of 100 m; Multimode optical fiber transmission distance of up to 400 m, single-mode fiber transmission distance up to 10 km.


LED large screen display panel is widely used in media, outdoor ads, live sports, entertainment stage background screens, yuanding industry experts with years of experience in product development and hundreds of customer success stories, Yuan Ding powerful integration capabilities can give you a perfect solution.

Live broadcast and TV

Live recording of the show can immediately display to play for stage performances, conferences, sports centres facilitate the live scores

Photographic features

According to the intensity of light and automatically adjusts the brightness of the display either during the day or night, can clearly see the content on the screen

Time switch display

Through the timer time switch display functions, you do not need every day you go to switch the display

256 brightness adjusted automatically

256-level brightness adjustment function lets you display brightness automatically adjust more effectively

Full-color display offline functionality

By video processors and DVD full color display offline, power display on the screen, don't switch computers every day are in trouble

Software switch display functions

Card through software, and computer software switch display functions, provides a facility for you to switch display

Gigabit technology

True Gigabit technology, not frames. Single card maximum support: 701-card 1280*1024702 card 2048*640, dual SIM cascade maximum support 2048*1152. Single-line support: 701-1024*640, 1280*512702-1600*4002048*320

Sound transmission function

Type 702 card integrated sound transmission, voice without another audio cable to the display, dual 24 bit 64khz high definition digital to analog and analog to digital conversion, allowing you to display image effect is perfect

Product quality assurance:

Quality policy: technology leadership, lean manufacturing, scientific management, and customer satisfaction. To ensure a smooth opening, so in selecting, testing high priority, LED lamps and other sources of raw materials and production, each process must have good control, good LED products. Incoming inspection (IQC): feed (IQC) total inspection methods used in quality control, conveying all products or materials to be tested without omission and require that all products must be qualified. System control (IPQC): in the production of each link and the entire process has the industry experienced IPQC in different positions on the field inspection and supervision to ensure every step of production can reach the 100% pass rate. Finished product testing (QA): finished products must be made at least 72 hours before whole screen aging debugging, to achieve product delivery goal of zero defects.

Quality control concept:

Does not manufacture defect, do not receive inferior goods, not out of bad products, the product quality is our core competence!

After-sales service:

Warranty period since goods factory of day up, display warranty period for 2 years, other equipment warranty term by products General specification implementation (human damaged and the natural disasters except free range including by b provides of all equipment, artificial fee, transportation, all maintenance costs and the software of maintenance and upgrade; warranty period within, provides 48 hours response finished repair service; major activities technology guarantees requirements: major activities during we sent hand provides emergency escort service; in warranty period within, Our free maintenance and repair of all equipment under the contract, for any product design, installation techniques, materials, product quality and equipment or components caused by damage to parts, providing free replacement and repair, and replacement of the equipment or parts, the warranty can be extended accordingly; Free upgrades-system operations, control software, helps users to improve and enhance the system functionality. When the system software version upgrade, free lifetime software upgrades to the device, for use with the latest version in a timely manner; Provide lifetime maintenance after the warranty period, our company provide users with adequate spare parts of the same grade, special tools, and so on, these spare parts can be used as emergency failure and large-screen operation failure may occur during maintenance to ensure the stable operation of the system; Replacement of spare parts, only charge the costs; After the warranty period, such as modules, power supplies, control system failure, the user can be directly sent to the overhaul of our company, our technicians determine the repairs is returned to the user in a timely manner; If we can't fix the situation, to give the user the same grade fittings, only charged cost; After the warranty period, in response to user when the telephone informing, if we cannot solve the problem over the phone, our company will send technicians to test, during which only charge fees, response time of no more than 12 hours;

We're always in high quality products to market as the core, our quality is your profit, welcome to inquire!

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