TOYOTA\LEXUS Professional tool T605

TOYOTA\LEXUS Professional tool T605

Product description:

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Key Features

Toyota/ Lexus MemoScan T605 fault code reader has powerful functions, which can support all Toyota cars, with smart outlook, competitive price and convenient operation. It is a separately- operated tool without help of PC.

Function: Fault Codes, Clear Codes, Read Data Stream, Active Test

Systems supported: T605 can work on the following systems:

1. Without canbus system:
powertrain, engine and ect, battery, ccs, hv battery, hv ecu, ev, stop and go, sequential mt, laser cruise
chassis, abs, airsus, emps| ehps, free-tronic, tire pressure, vgrs, kdss, t_m control
body, air conditioner, srs airbag, body, back-door, d-door, p-door, rr-door, rl-door, d-seat, p-seat, rr-seat , rl-seat , rear seat sw , gateway , meter , mirror , combi sw , entry/ start
power source control , rtrctbl hardtop , clearance sonar , slide roof , steering pad , tilt/ telesco, afs, master swrain sensor

2. Canbus system
powertrain, engine and ect, ect, multi-mode m/ t, cruise control, hv battery, hybrid control, laser cruise, radar cruise, e-acm
chassis, abs, four wheel drive, emps, intelligent parking assist
body, srs airbag, air conditioner, pre-crash, combination meter, electric power control

LCD screen: 128*64mm
Enter key: confirm selection and enter
Esc key: go back to the previous screens
up/ down arrows: moves the selection pointer and scrolls up or down
LEFT/ RIGHT arrows: move cursor.
Power button
Diagnostic extension cable: OBDII -16PIN