HD USB Style Digital Voice Recorder China wholesale http:\\www.aoliwholesale.com

HD USB Style Digital Voice Recorder China wholesale http:\\www.aoliwholesale.com

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Key Features

Regarding is shouldering conference spirit upload issuing you, will select and purchase a section of high quality the USB Disk recording to reduce the arduous work load greatly, and can the effective safeguards conference content real record, the accurate transmission. The force recommends a section of USB Disk recording which Our company researches and develops newly: High test metal making, the USB Disk body line is smooth and beautiful, noble elegant; Many energy, exquisite hiding; Acoustic fidelity specialty; Collection writing, digital sound recording, superior plate three big functions . . . . . . . . Is the commercial public figure, the department leads, the article Peru assistants, student's ideal record, the entertainment tool. Upscale outward appearance, excellent upscale commercial present choice, the recording effect, setoff, the recording effect surpass the famous recording Capacity: 1GB / 2GB / 4GB / 8GB
Record time: 15 hours one time charging
System: Win98 or above
Battery: Built in 3.7V lid- battery
Recharging time: 1-2 hours
Record time: 1GB Record time 68 hours, 2GB for 136 hours, 4GB for 272 hours
8GB for 544 hours

Suitable for:
1) Business man to record important talk, conference or negotiations.
2) Company employees to record meeting memo for later analysis.
3) Student to record important sections of lessons from school.
4) Trainees to record important content from trainers lessons in training program.
5) Audience to record wonderful part in party, lectures or concert, etc.
6) Police to record secretly evidence and clean criminals.
7) law-officer or lawyer to record affidavit secretly from accuser or defendant in court.
8) Private detectors to record evidence.
9) Daily use to record conversations or funny sounds