Stand Alone Gas Leak Alarm

Stand Alone Gas Leak Alarm

Product description:

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  • Adopt nanosensor, patented design to prevent false alarm and miss alarm effectively
  • No, NC or level output
  • Suitable for most weak electric control system, such as burglary alarm system etc
  • Wall mount, good look and low consumption
  • Automatic reset after eliminating the alarm
  • Independent or net-working is selectable


  • Density of Alarm City Gas
  • 0.5~1.0% Natural Gas
  • 0.5~1.5% LPG
  • 0.5~1.0%
  • Voltage: AC220V 50HZ / DC12V
  • Max power: ≤2.0W
  • Alarm Wirelessly Alarm with noise and light, radiating 315-433MHZ frequency signal
  • Alarm wiredly Alarm with noise and light, outputting the signal of relay of on/ off.
  • Environment Humidity: ≤97RH
  • Temperature: -15~+50℃