USB Anti-Theft Alarm

USB Anti-Theft Alarm

Product description:


  • This product is a new type which is focused on showing and putting valued things. It will make function when the line broken or short circuit. Whatever the thief cuts down the line or combines the lead, it will send out loud voice to frighten him and warn the master, and then the things can be protected. The thief has no other ways to mooch. It's the ideal choice to protect the cell phone, Laptop computer, digital products, GPS, etc. Using method:
  • Plug the USB cable directly into the USB port to control the goods, open the alarm switch to the 'NO' position, when the thieves pulled out USB plug, the alarm host to immediately sound the alarm, so that thieves will lose heart and to protect the owner of property not necessary losses. (Sound change hours, please replace the battery, battery 2 X1.5V7 batteries)
  • The scope of applications
  • Mall booth, office, laptop and digital products and so on


  • Product Performance:
  • alarm mode: When the thief inserted in a notebook computer or unplug with a USB interface digital products, alarm immediately sound an alarm sound, cut the USB cable when the burglar alarm will be triggered.
  • working voltage: two 1.5V batteries on the 7th (no include)
  • alarm volume: ≤ 110 dB.
  • Product size: 9.0 * 5.5 * 2.5cm weight: 86g
  • Package
  • 1* USB Siren anti theft digital Exhibit alarm