WCDMA 3G Signal Booster GSM Signal Repeater

WCDMA 3G Signal Booster GSM Signal Repeater

Product description:

Basic Info.

Model NO.: 9901
Lightning Protection: Lightning Protection
Certification: ISO, GS, RoHS, CE
Type: Signal Repeater
Transmission Medium: Cable
Condition: New
Standard: Standard
Bandwidth: 60m
Ripple in Band: 5db
Power Consumption: ( 5W
Impedance: 50 Ohm
RF Connector: N-Female N
Net Weight: 1.2kg
Environment Conditions: IP40
Dimensions (D*W*H ) : 198*182*20 (M
Export Markets: Global
Keyword: Signal Repeater

Additional Info.

Trademark: goldenpax
Packing: Standard Package
Standard: CE, Rohs
Origin: Shenzhen, China
HS Code: 123456789
Production Capacity: 1000PCS/ Week

Product Description

Why we should buy mobile signal repeater/ signal booster/ 3G amplifier :

Cell phone becomes especially helpful when people get into critical situations. In case of emergency a timely call can save somebody's life.
Unfortunately, there are still some places where one can find themselves 'out of coverage'. Usually those places are either too far from the cell phone base station or located inside underground constructions, for example:
` Parking lots, tunnels
` Big stores, office buildings
` Cars, boats etc.
` House in remote areas etc

How is mobile phone signal repeater GSM/ DCS/ 2G/ 3G/ 4G WORKING ?

?The outside antenna catches the low signal from the mobile base station and delivers it to the cell phone
amplifier through the connection cable (coax) .
?After the signal is accepted by the phone amplifier, the device amplifies it.
?Then this amplified signal goes through the connection cable (coax) to the inside antenna.
?And after that, the amplified signal transmits to the cell phone.

A regular repeater 3G consists of:
12dB outdoor antenna
3dB indoor antenna
RG6-50 OHM indoor Coaxial Cable-5m
RG6-50 OHM outdoor Coaxial Cable-10m
mounting accessories
AC power supply
user manual

Whole Package Weight2.3KG
Whole Package Size510x230x150mm (L x W x D)

Features of mobile phone signal amplifier

A. High-gain linear power amplifier
B . ALC and AGC function technology .
C. Ultra-low noise receive amplifier
D. There is no interference to the base station , right after the opening of the original system and the base station without the need to adjust parameters .
E. Stable and reliable electromagnetic compatibility design .
F. The base station dose not cause an increase in background noise , but will not lead to a decline in the quality of the base station communications
G. With full-duplex communication mode .
H. dispel the heat effective reasonable , the structure is pretty , the volume is suitable .

Signal repeater Installation diagram (very convenient and easy to install)

How should you install repeater (very easy and simple) :
Step 1: Use your mobile phone to test signal strength outside house or on roof, -70dbm is the basic requirement (full bar) .

Step 2 Install outdoor antenna in that location and keep adjusting, point it to signal tower station, try to get best signal.

Step3: Run outdoor coaxial cable into building in a convenient location to connect with signal repeater.

step 4: Mount your indoor antenna with signal repeater
step5: Power up signal repeater device to check the signal inside, moving outdoor antenna until you get satisfied signal.

Note: Connect outdoor (BTS) port with outdoor antenna, connect indoor ANT (MS) port with indoor antenna, outdoor antenna is mounted at a higher position. Both antennas should be 10 meters far away from each other at least.
Indoor and outdoor antenna must be separated by wall.
Parameter data Uplink Downlink
3G 1920-1980mhz 2110-2170mhz
Output Power 20±2dBm 20±2dBm
Gain 65 ±2 dB 65±2dB
Bandwidth 60M
Ripple in Band ≤5dB
9KHz~1GHz ≤ -36 dBm
1GHz~12.75GHz ≤ -30 dBm
MTBF ) 50000 hours
Power Supply AC: 100~240V, 50/ 60Hz; DC: 12V 2A
Power Consumption ( 5W
Impedance 50 ohm
Mechanical Specification
RF Connector N-Female N
Dimensions (D*W*H ) 198*182*20 (mm)
Net weight 1.2Kg
Installation Type Wall Installation
Environment Conditions IP40
Humidity ( 90%
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 55°C