GSM900\3G Dual band repeater \GSM Dualband 900\3G signal booster\ Mobile phone signal ampl

GSM900\3G Dual band repeater \GSM Dualband 900\3G signal booster\ Mobile phone signal ampl

Product description:

cell signal booster, indoor signal booster mobile phone, 2G & 3G mobile amplifier

Are you among those thousands of mobile phone users who suffer from poor signal of the Mobile phones?If yeah, then you must be fed up with the frequent call drops that you encounter while you are at office, home or driving your car!And our mobile signal booster will help you to kick the bad signal away! Mobile phone booster will strengthen the signal of your handset and reduce the dropped call frequency. It will also work to improve the quality of calls. We have series signal repeaters that can amplify a weak signal of your phone to a full 4 or 5 reception bars!

Common Application Types


Mobile signal coverage is no longer just a luxury; it is now a necessity in the business world. Receiving inadequate signal can affect all aspects of business from sales to customer support, to influencing entire business productivity. Communication with customers and employees is imperative to the daily functioning of any good business. Our system could be the difference between you landing that big account or loosing it to your competitor that was able to complete the deal.


Often when moving into the home of your dreams becomes a nightmare for mobile reception, we are able to provide a cost efficient solution to make sure you stay connected with the rest of the world. With our coverage system we are able to provide signal throughout the home in a non-obtrusive installation without causing any damage to the aesthetics of the home.

Medical Facilities

Health care facilities and hospitals are among the leaders in advancements in technology, but do to building materials and rural locations these facilities are unable to function at full capacity and maximize efficiency. We are able to provide coverage to all areas of hospital buildings without interfering with the medical equipment that is so essential in these facilities. Communication and other mobile applications are vital to the employees and the customers in this critical environment.


In this fast paced industry mobile availability has become a key element integral to productivity and the bottom line. Many times, manufacturing facilities suffer greatly from poor reception due to interference caused by the tools and machinery of the trade. Metal structures, complicated facility layouts and impenetrable building materials may be essential to manufacturing plants, but can severely weaken signals and reception. Using repeater systems in these facilities benefit both efficiency and production.

Entertainment & Hospitality

Guests and patrons of facilities such as hotels and casinos anticipate that, even away from home, they will have access to the communication they have become accustomed to in their daily lives. It is important for these facilities to provide these amenities in order to ensure satisfaction for their visitors. Providing reliable and extensive coverage throughout grounds that support a variety of wireless providers can make certain that guests' needs are being met throughout their stay.

Educational Institutions

Today's educational facilities have become larger and more expansive over time. Often spreading out over large campuses made up of multiple buildings including lecture halls, laboratories, dining halls, and dormitories, the ability to connect has become more crucial than ever. Students and faculty alike depend on wireless coverage more than ever to stay technologically connected for information, comfort, and safety. We are able to provide the coverage needed for campuses large or small.

Main specifications of our mobile phone signal repeater ST-92B

Working system


Frequency range


Uplink890~915MHz Downlink 935~960MHz


Uplink 1920-1980MHz Downlink 2110-2170MHz

Output power

UL 20±1dBm DL 24±1dBm


UL 70±2dB DL 75±2dB

Stable output power after ALC control

UL 20dBm DL 24dBm (New Function)

ALC control range

25dB (New Function)








(=-36dBm (9KHz~1GHz)

(=-30dBm (1~12.75GHz)

Time delay


Power supply









Operating Temperature


Max effective coverage


LED light of our mobile phone signal repeater ST-92B with AGC

Installation of the mobile phone signal repeater

ST repeater main unit

Outdoor antenna

Indoor antenna