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Bobo Le Baizui duck mouth cup straw drink cup baby baby leak-proof soft mouth training cup drink cup with handle

Bobo Le Baizui duck mouth cup straw drink cup baby baby leak-proof soft mouth training cup drink cup with handle
Product code: 26711900030
Unit price 12.5-17.31$
Sold quantity 24871
Available stock 14886

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: bobo / Lok Po BB416B
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Function: duckbill cup
  • Product bar code: 4897027985016
  • Item No: BB416B
  • Color Classification: new 170ml blue cover BB416C-B 170ml red cover BB416C-R 170ml green cover BB416C-G new 170ml orange cover BB416C-O new 180ml blue cover BB333B new 180ml green cover BB333G 180ml red cover BB333R new 180ml yellow BB333O The new 180ml red cover BB333CR old 170ml red cover BB416 old 170ml yellow cover BB416 old 170ml green cover BB416 180ml green cover elephant BB333 red LBB101 green LBB101 blue LBB101 orange LBB101
  • Brand: bobo / Lok Po
  • Item No: BB416B
  • Whether the handle: handle
  • Applicable age: 9 months
  • Capacity: Others
  • Material: Polypropylene (pp)

Tips: This link is only LBB101 is PPSU material of Without straw section , BB333 is aviation Tritan Material of the bottle, BB416 and BB333 are With a straw section This link three models of the cup material is better LBB101 (PPSU material bottle)

Recommended: LBB101 is the PPSU models cost-effective, promotional efforts are also large, the owner of the limited liability of this section; BOBO big brands in this price can be defined to a PPSU material cup is quite cost-effective!

Note: duckbill spin cover small plastic injection molding mouth, all the cups have this small mouth, does not affect the use, not defective, nor is it quality, mind pro-Shen Oh!

On the BB333 printing problem: This cup is tritan aviation transparent material, this material is difficult to dissolve with other substances, security is not high, so with the ordinary PP plastic is different from this material is only sprayed in the spray paint Surface, can not be dissolved with plastic, so high temperature or easy to wear, but can guarantee that this material is more than ordinary to be safe, and does not affect the use of another PP will not, pro who do not mind too.

This cup duckbill accessories!

BOBO three different types of duckbill Cup:

Three models are: BB416, BB413, BB333, Soft and hard materials are the same duck mouth , And there are straws, the difference is the design and handle Cup body material , BB333 materials for aviation Tritan Material, than the other two of the PP material is more secure and durable, of course, the price is also higher, the handle design did not BB416 anti-skid design , BB413 handle design is also different, three basic capacity of almost 170 ~ 190.

Will not suck please note: BOBO duck mouth cup and straw Cup is the biggest difference between the suction nozzle, duckbill cup suction nozzle is relatively large, Bite the water , Water absorption method similar to the nipple, while Suction cup is straight suction , The difference is relatively large, suitable for 5 months to 1 year old or so just started drinking water baby, need to pay attention to the baby drink when the baby with a suction, just started to use when the baby may not want to smoke, You can try to give the baby to drink fruit juice or milk , So that the baby will be faster to adapt.

This cup contains straw, the baby does not need to head upward, remove the straw, can lie to drink, watertight!

Q: Why does the cup have a plastic taste after opening?

A: As the products in the factory can be sealed before opening the packaging, just open the packaging, there may be a slight plastic taste, the material itself is safe and non-toxic, after cleaning and disinfection will naturally eliminate, does not affect Use, mind carefully consider making another.

Note: The new BB333 cup of duckbill is with color, with the old white pacifier before the same material as the Kazakhstan, are safe material Oh, please parents are assured to buy Kazakhstan.