Car GPS Signal Jammer (QT-G008)

Car GPS Signal Jammer (QT-G008)

Product description:

The Car GPS Signal jammer is very easy to operate, plug the GPS Signal jammer directly in the car cigar lighter device, push On the power switch, it begins to work and prohibits the GPS signal.


Blocks GPS reception and prohibits all GPS-enabled devices from tracking your current location
Be invisible to all GPS devices located within a few meters on your car/ person up to 0.5~15M
Output frequency: 1560 ~ 1580MHz
Slip under stealth momentarily and avoid being tracked
Simply plug in and disappear for a little while
Compact size and weight.
Powered by 12V car cigarette lighter
Plug in and push On to start operation, no need for any manual
Great to STOP 'Jealous Husbands' and 'Jealous Wives or Girlfriends'
Great for those Controlling Micro Managing Bosses
Accessories: 1 x GPS Signal Jammer; 1 x Antenna
Net weight: 30g
Unit dimension: 90*82*26mm
In retail packaging
Isolation Signal Frequency: GPS
Power supply: 12V car cigarette lighter
EnergyConsumption: 33dBm


1 x GPS Signal jammer ;
1 x Antenna