Handheld Wireless Spy Video Camera WiFi Signal Jammer

Handheld Wireless Spy Video Camera WiFi Signal Jammer

Product description:

A common sense now is that most people now want to protect their privacy without their privacy being given out by others who using the wireless camera and so on. However this is really a problem hard to remove in the past, but now with the coming of the jammer product, this problem can be easily solved and just introducing this Handheld Wireless Spy Video Camera WiFi Signal Jammer for you here.

This handheld WiFi wireless camera jammer is only designed to block the 2400-2500MHz frequency band signal with up to 10 meters shielding radius, if so by using it you can immediately blocking the wireless spy video camera and Bluetooth devices of 2400-2500MHz frequency band within its jamming radius. Thus since owning the portable design this wireless spy video camera jammer is easy to take out so that you can use conveniently even when you are outside.

Besides help to protect your privacy. Since owning the ability of blocking the WiFi Signal, it is also kind of tool to protect the safety of your network form being attacked by others.
Manufacturer Specifications

Isolating Signal Bandwidth:

-WiFi 2.4G: (2400MHz-2500MHz)

Typical Coverage: 1-10 meters
Total Power: 1 watt
Power Source: Wall plug (AV110-240V, DC5V)
Working temperature: -10 to –55℃
Built in rechargeable lithium battery: DC3.7V 700mAh
Relative Humidity: ≤90% (RH)
Weight: 150g
Dimensions: L: 95 x W: 45 X D: 18 (mm)

Package Contents

WiFi Jammer
AC Charger
Car Charger