New Bluetooth Music Audio 30 Pin Receiver Adapter For iPhone Dock Speaker Just for you

New Bluetooth Music Audio 30 Pin Receiver Adapter For iPhone Dock Speaker Just for you

Product description:

Mini Bluetooth Music Audio 30 Pin Receiver Adapter For iPod iPhone Dock Speaker


  • 1. Easy To Operate: Simply connect your speaker with our Bluetooth Music Receiver, immediately transform your speakers into a fashionable wireless Bluetooth speaker!
  • 2. Wireless Play: Removing troubles of wired connection, through the wireless connection and transmission , the user can enjoy a high fidelity music at any place indoor by wireless control.
  • 3. Perfectly Compatible: Our products can be compatible with nearly 95% of mobile phone or computer on the market. Support iPhone, iPad, iTouch and all kinds of smart phones; support a variety of computers MID and notebook with Bluetooth .
  • 4. Portable design: Series of our products with mini size , the feature of portable can let you carry them to anywhere you want . Music borderless , music wireless!


  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Support A2DP V1.2
  • Output: 30PIN audio output
  • Transmission rate: 3Mbps
  • Transmission distance: ≥10m
  • Support Lingo protocols and equipment certification
  • Support automatic identification of certified&uncertified base speaker
  • 5 V DC power supply
  • Unit size: 42* 36 * 8 mm
  • Interface/ port: The standard iPod 30 pin interface
  • Color available: Black

Operation steps:

Device identification: H168

  • 1. Turn on the stereo, insert the device into the docking, if the LED light twinkles very quickly, it means that the device is in the matching mode and operating well. Due to the device is set to automatic mode in default, kindly start to match the Bluetooth device after power on 30 seconds.
  • 2. Turn on the Bluetooth function of computer, mobile or other device which has Bluetooth function, searching for the H-168 device to connect and input: 0000 for matching when the device is in the matching mode.
  • 3. The blue lighttwinkle slowly after matching successfully, and it could be played the wireless music.
  • 4. If you want to change the player when the device is working, it should be disconnected from the computer or mobile which in use and re-matching the other Bluetooth devices. Remove the device and reinsert into docking if connecting failed.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Mini Bluetooth Music Audio 30 Pin Receiver