Infants and children Matilda environmental treasure stitching foam puzzle tatami mats blanket crawling game thicken the fence Garden

Infants and children Matilda environmental treasure stitching foam puzzle tatami mats blanket crawling game thicken the fence Garden

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Meitoku / Matilda
  • Model (pattern): Fencing mats
  • Color Classification: Solid blue-violet + solid color (blue-violet m) + red coffee solid color (red mole purple orange) Cartoon animals + solid red coffee color puzzle pattern violet pattern colorful pattern colorful animal pattern colorful fruit pattern Pac colorful pattern colorful traffic traffic pattern + solid color + solid color animal colorful pattern colorful pattern colorful fruit + solid color + solid color pattern Pac colorful pattern coffee + solid red violet solid puzzle +
  • Age: 3 months 6 months 12 months 18 months 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years
  • Crawling mat type: tiled
  • Thickness: Other
  • Size: Fencing: +24 36 mats corner fence fence +8: 24 mats +20 +4 corner bounded by the fence: +16 16 mats fence fence corner +4: 18 mats +18 +4 corner fence
  • Is there a shopping guide Video: None

Please note cartoon animal models of these wave edge only two colors blue yellow goods handbag Oh! Please be advised! Factory with a good come. Therefore, only two kinds of 36 sets of blue yellow wavy edge, 24 suits and 18 packages we'll then match the color of something else.

Pro, pattern matching can not be guaranteed with the original picture exactly the same Oh, but the overall effect is about the same, puzzles mashup models, the pattern is the same, but different batches, colors will be slightly different, you can see a monolithic concrete link!

Pro, the good news, now red coffee + solid color, solid blue-violet plus two 24 original solid color pattern 9 15 12 became a pattern, solid color 12 friends and 18, 24 and now all is fine portable package,

We add a solid color with red coffee or in the main picture prevail Oh! Color with purple, pink, red, mocha color, orange! If you like the following figure (red, beige, pink please leave a message) violet pattern + solid color series 18 sheet 24, 36 packages with our default 3 colors (beige, blue, purple) pro can also mix according to their preferences, under a single color to confirm with the customer when!

24 paved effect

Cartoon 24 138 yuan package: a patterned mats 9 + unpatterned color mats 15 (mix, please take the time for the specified message) +20 +4 wavy edge corner

Because scenarios require matching accessories are sold non-together Oh, please know oh!

Size: 30 cm long, 30 cm wide and 1.4 cm thick (foamed product, slightly point error, the error is within 0.1 cm, with a vernier caliper) which is in a national foam fabrication tolerance range, particularly concerned about the thickness of the issue pro carefully shot Oh!

18 measuring Photos

Non-toxic and non-irritating odor, safety and environmental protection, by SGS odor detection, detection of heavy metals, 8 large metal detector, no Formamide! You can rest assured to buy!

Dear somewhat raw smell of new products just opened Oh, but the taste is good raw material removed Oh, just wash, soak, dry wind and all you can, and remember not to prolonged exposure!

Pro, mats imperfect products, before shipment we will carefully check, but the front was somewhat small defects, small scratches, foam mats on the back because of the hole will bubble trouble pursuit of the perfect pro under caution single! Thank you.

Pro, mats because the relationship between batches of different batches of the same style, same color mats will be a slight color difference Oh, so as to color special mind pro who once filled recommend Oh! So as to avoid replenishment reason mats there is color, the impact of the use of the pro shop is not responsible Oh! the number of the desired size are not allowed to draw the line, you can contact online customer service for you to calculate!

About Product dimensions: mats because of the foam and measured slightly point error, it is recommended to use a vernier caliper measurements, if using an ordinary ruler, tape measure, etc. is recommended to measure the mats piled together than the standard, the normal error of plus or minus 0.2 cm or less, a state standard range!

About the perfect product: Mats imperfect crafts, front and back because the machine production, packaging, transportation and other reasons, somewhat small flaws, scratches, foam mats on the back because the reason there will be large or small bubbles hole this is normal and can not be avoided, as this relatively pro mind, please carefully next single.