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Environmental Matilda Baby Baby Stitching Puzzle Bubble Tatami Rice Pad Pad Crawling Game Thickening Fence Home

Environmental Matilda Baby Baby Stitching Puzzle Bubble Tatami Rice Pad Pad Crawling Game Thickening Fence Home
Product code: 26620100030
Unit price 13.44-36.79$
Sold quantity 74985
Available stock 77248

Product parameters:

  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Brand: Meitoku / Matilda
  • Model (design): fence mats
  • Toy Type: Other Toys
  • Color Classification: solid blue-violet + pure color (blue purple rice) red coffee + solid color (red ruby ​​pink purple) color puzzle red coffee pattern blue and purple pattern colorful pattern animal colorful pattern fruit colorful pattern eat bean colorful pattern traffic colorful pattern traffic + solid color Colorful pattern animal + solid color colorful pattern fruit + solid color colorful pattern eat bean + solid color multicolor pattern solid color red coffee + bluish purple jigsaw + solid color
  • Applicable age: 3 months 6 months 12 months 18 months 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years old
  • Crawl pad type: stitching
  • Thickness: other
  • Size: Fence: 36 Mats +24 Fence +4 Corner Fence: 24 Mats +20 Corner +4 Corner Fence: 16 Mats + 16 Fences + 4 Corner Fences: 18 Mats + 18 Fences + 4 Corner
  • Whether shopping guide video: None

Please note that the cartoon animal models in this cargo handbag only wave blue side of the two colors Oh !, so 36 pieces of the wave set is only blue and yellow two, 24 sets and 18 sets of color we will match with another point.

Pro, pattern matching can not guarantee exactly the same with the original picture Oh, but the overall effect is similar to the jigsaw puzzle, pattern is the same, but the batch is different, the color will be slightly different, the specific can see the monolithic link!

Pro, the good news, and now the red coffee + solid color, blue and purple and pure color 24 pieces of the original pattern 9 pure color 15 into a pattern of 12, solid color of 12 friends, and 18, 24 are now all fine Portable packaging,

(Red, beige, pink, please leave a message) Blue Purple pattern + solid color series 18 (red, beige, pink, please leave a message) Blue Purple pattern + solid color series 18 24 films, 36 packages we default with 3 colors (beige, blue, purple) pro can also be based on their own preferences with the color when the order can be confirmed with the customer service!

24 paved effect

Cartoon animals 24 packages 138 yuan: 9 patterned mat + colorless mats 15 (mashup, please specify when you take a message) +20 wave edge +4 corner

Because of the scene with the accessories are not sold together Oh, please know Oh!

Product size: length 30 cm wide and 30 cm thick 1.4 cm (foam products, will be a little error, error 0.1 cm, please use the vernier caliper measurements) This is in the national foam production tolerance within the scope of special attention to thickness Of the pro-Shen Oh!

18 measurement pictures

Non-toxic odor-free, safe and environmentally friendly, through the SGS odor detection, detection of heavy metals, 8 large metal detection, no Formamide! Can be assured to buy!

Dear new product just opened a little bit of raw material smell Oh, but the raw material taste is very good to remove Oh, just need to wash, soak a bubble, all through the wind dry can, and remember not to prolonged exposure!

Props, mats are not perfect handicrafts, we will carefully check before delivery, but inevitably a little small positive flaws, small scratches, mats on the back of the bubble because there will be reasons for the bubble, the trouble to pursue the perfect pro prudent Thank you.

Pro, mats because of the relationship between batches of different batches of the same paragraph with the color mat will be a little color Oh, so if the parents who are particularly concerned about the chromatic aberration, it is recommended that a padded Oh! There are color, the impact of the use of pro, the restaurant is not responsible for Oh! The number of the size of just the right not allowed, you can contact the online customer service to your calculation!

It is recommended to use vernier caliper measurement, if it is with an ordinary ruler, tape measure, etc. can be measured together with the pile pile calibration, the normal error in the plus or minus the normal error in the positive and negative measurement of the size of the mat, 0.2 cm or less, belonging to the national standard range!

On the product perfection: mats non-perfect handicrafts, the back of the front because of the machine production, packaging, transportation and other reasons, somewhat small flaws, scratches, mats back because of foaming the reasons there will be large or small bubble hole , Is a normal situation, can not be avoided, such as the relative mind of this pro, please be careful orders.