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380V power failure alarm | alarm | farms factory power alarm | three-phase three-wire

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: ZISEAE
  • Model: 380V three-phase three-wire power off alarm

Product Weight: 0.7KG

Product length and width: 17.7CM * 15.5CM * 12CM

Length: about 0.8 meters

This section is 380V power outage, power wire alarm power alarm

Power failure alarm in the process of power failure, power supply restored,

The alarm will stop Call the police;

Connect the power, the key into the keyhole and turn to the green signal, The alarm will enter the alert state If the battery capacity is insufficient, the battery Instantly charge, Until the battery is full stop Charge. When there is disconnection (stolen line) or power failure, power failure, the speaker with That is made A huge newspaper Police sound To be prompted or deterred, play a very good defense Fan role, to protect the equipment And property Of the security alarm with a power switch can be turned off when the power alarm alarm sound, to be restored after the power switch to open the alarm switch can be