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Transparent glass cups cups with tea can be customized logo printing advertising gift cups

Product code: -26553100030
Unit price 2.05-3.01$
Sold quantity 19321
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Product parameters:

  • Glass color: colorless and transparent
  • Shape: round
  • Capacity: 301mL (including) -400mL (including)
  • Brand: OuryPo / gentry and
  • Item No .: SH0021-300
  • Color Classification: Dandelions - Dandelion black dandelion models - thin pink dandelion models - thin blue dandelion models - thick black dandelion models - thick blue dandelion models - thick pink C-400ML buy printing, please contact customer service
  • The price range: 20 yuan -29.9 yuan
  • Main map Source: independent real shot map

OUR default hair STO. Huitong Express

The whole network is the most heat-resistant -30°~150° (Thickening is very strong)

Material for the pure hand-blown expansion coefficient of 3.3 high-borosilicate glass does not lead, safe and healthy

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