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Wired alarm host infrared alarm system on the radio alarm system 16-way wired home anti-theft alarm

Wired alarm host infrared alarm system on the radio alarm system 16-way wired home anti-theft alarm
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Fuers / Fuer
  • Model: FUERS-2316
  • Color Classification: 8 Wired 8 Wireless + Siren 16 Wired 16 Wireless + Siren

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The main function

1. When the alarm occurs with the 110 alarm center network
2. When alarm occurs automatically call mobile phone (cell phone) alarm (Note: without recording function)
3. Alarm automatically when the alarm occurs when the pager
4. Operate the keypad for arm / disarm

FR2316C networking
2316 is a field control command center, the equivalent of front-line command. Monitoring control of the 16 zones. 2316 host with the central station of the two receivers to communicate, in order to prevent the telephone line 'busy' communication failure, you can set the dual report , Backup report, classification report in three forms. In addition, you can set the number of dial instructions, repeatedly call the central station phone until pull-pass can also be set by the command dial-up delay before disarming before the end of the delay, The main equipment is a IBM Pc computer (or compatible computer), printers, special modems, etc. The software uses the C & K 'Monitor II' and, as well as the use of the C & K 'supervisor II', as well as the central station of the 2316 system set up by the local security department responsible for the implementation of management, Chinese WINdOWS 3.1 or above version can be.The central station to match the local telephone lines.

Password operation
2316 has four passwords, with different control rights, can be assigned to different levels of management personnel to use. 2316 system can be equipped with an installer code, eight user code.

Instruction function
2316 system can be complex and volatile situation should be able to freely, should be attributed to its instruction function and parameters .2316 can be set instructions 56, control over 70 kinds of functions and parameters.Users can according to the scene , Some or all of these instructions, so that the protection zone to achieve the required level of protection.

Zone function
2316 system set up 16 zones, each zone circuit can be equipped with a number of probes according to the guard space.Circuit terminal using anti-sabotage function circuit, for any attempt to cut or short-circuit damage to the cable can immediately alarm and alarm Of the zone reported to the central station.

This is the function set for the robbers in 2316. When the duty officer to enter the user code on the keyboard under the pressure of the culprit to disarm or fortify the system, the user code can be the last digit plus or minus 1 , Such as the user code is 4587, to 4586 or 4588, 2316 host will determine the user code holder has been hijacked immediately to the hijacking report sent to the central station, and indicate the number of user code sent a report. At this point the system will still execute the user's command, quietly, waiting for the police to come.

Sound and light function
2316 The main unit can be equipped with bell, siren and tamper alarm. When the zone is used as a gateway, the buzzer on the keyboard can also be used as a doorbell. When the zone is used as a delay zone, buzzer can enter or exit Indicating that the person should pay attention to whether the person exceeds the specified time, when the tone disappears, the timeout is forwarded to the police.

Self-test function
2316 host in the software set up self-test program can periodically check the work of the host. Failure will immediately inform the central station

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