4400mAh 6cell Laptop Battery for Acer Aspire One 532h

4400mAh 6cell Laptop Battery for Acer Aspire One 532h

Product description:

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Capacity: 2001-5000mAh
  • Applicable Models: Laptop
  • Cell Type: 18650 Lithium-ion
  • Socket Type: for USA/ Canada
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 203.4*54.7*31.66mm
  • Voltage: 10.8V
  • Weight: 315g
  • Cell Qty: 6cell
  • Export Markets: Global
Additional Info
  • Trademark: OEM
  • Packing: Box
  • Standard: CE, FCC, Rohs
  • Origin: Guangdong
  • Production Capacity: 10000PCS/ Month
Product Description
Condition: Brand New
Color: Black
Voltage: 10.8V
Dimension/ mm: 203.4*54.7*31.66mm
Type: Lithium Ion.
Capacity: 4400mAh
Unit Cell: 6
N. W. / g: 315g
This Replacement Li-ion battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed original specifications.

Replacement Compatible Part Numbers:
3Icr19/65-2, Ak. 006Bt. 070, Bt. 00303.020, Bt. 00303.021, Bt. 00304.008, Bt. 00305.013, Bt. 00307.029, Bt. 00307.030, Bt. 00307.031, Bt. 00603.107, Bt. 00603.108, Bt. 00603.109, Bt. 00603.117, Bt. 00604.047, Bt. 00605.058, Bt. 00605.059, Bt. 00605.060, Bt. 00607.115, Bt. 00607.119, LC. Btp00.117, LC. Btp00.121, Nav50, Um-2009G, Um-2009H, Um09C31, Um09G31, Um09G41, Um09G51, Um09G71, Um09G75, Um09H31, Um09H36, Um09H41, Um09H51, Um09H56, Um09H70, Um09H71, Um09H73, Um09H75, Um09H75Um09H75

Fits or Supports:
532, 532G, 532G-22B, 532G-22Bk, 532G-22R, 532G-22S, 532H- All Series, 532H-2067, 532H-21B, 532H-21R, 532H-21S, 532H-2206, 532H-2223, 532H-2226, 532H-2242, 532H-2268, 532H-2288, 532H-2298, 532H-2309, 532H-2326, 532H-2333, 532H-2382, 532H-2406, 532H-2527, 532H-2575, 532H-2588, 532H-2594, 532H-2622, 532H-2630, 532H-2676, 532H-2727, 532H-2730, 532H-2742, 532H-2789, 532H-2806, 532H-2807, 532H-2825, 532H-2938, 532H-2942, 532H-2962, 532H-2964, 532H-2997, 532H-2B, 532H-2Bb, 532H-2Bb_XP316, 532H-2Br, 532H-2Br_XP316, 532H-2Bs, 532H-2Bs_XP316, 532H-2D, 532H-2Db, 532H-2Db Bt, 532H-2Db Snw7, 532H-2Db_W7616, 532H-2Db_W7625, 532H-2Dgb, 532H-2Dgb Bt, 532H-2Dgb_W7625, 532H-2Dgr_W7625, 532H-2Dgs, 532H-2Dgs_W7625, 532H-2Dqgrk, 532H-2Dr, 532H-2Dr Bt, 532H-2Dr_W7625, 532H-2Dr_W76L25, 532H-2Ds, 532H-2Ds Bt, 532H-2Ds Snw7, 532H-2Ds_W7616, 532H-2Ds_W7625, 532H-2Dw, 532H-B123, 532H-B123F, 532H-Cbk123G, 532H-Cbw123G, 532H-Cpk11, 532H-CPR11, 532H-Cpw11, 532H-R123, 532H-W123, 532H-W123F, 533, 533-13083, 533-13182, 533-13401, 533-13426, 533-13531, 533-13827, 533-13856, 533-13870, 533-13897, 533-13Dgkk, 533-13Dgkk_W7625, 533-13Dkk, 533-13Drr, 533-13Drr_W7325, 533-13Dww, 533-13Dww_W7325, 533-23096, 533-23227, 533-23571, 533-23923, 533-23Dkk, 533-N55Dkk_W7625, 533-N55Dww, 533-N55Dww_W7625, 533-Wbt, 721, 721-122Cc_W7632, 721-122Kg32, 721-122Ki, 721-122Ki_W7632, 721-12B, 721-12B2Ki, 721-12B2R, 721-12B2Ss, 721-3070, 721-3574, 721-3922, Ao532H-2067, Ao532H-2206, Ao532H-2223, Ao532H-2242, Ao532H-2268, Ao532H-2288, Ao532H-2298, Ao532H-2309, Ao532H-2326, Ao532H-2333, Ao532H-2382, Ao532H-2406, Ao532H-2527, Ao532H-2575, Ao532H-2588, Ao532H-2594, Ao532H-2622, Ao532H-2630, Ao532H-2676, Ao532H-2727, Ao532H-2730, Ao532H-2742, Ao532H-2789, Ao532H-2806, Ao532H-2807, Ao532H-2825, Ao532H-28B, Ao532H-28GB_3G, Ao532H-2938, Ao532H-2942, Ao532H-2962, Ao532H-2964, Ao532H-2997, Ao532H-2Bb, Ao532H-2Bgb, Ao532H-2Bgr, Ao532H-2Br, Ao532H-2Bs, Ao532H-2CB, Ao532H-2Cr, Ao532H-2CS, Ao532H-2Db, Ao532H-2Db Bt, Ao532H-2Dgb, Ao532H-2Dgb Bt, Ao532H-2Dgb_3G, Ao532H-2Dgr, Ao532H-2Dgs, Ao532H-2Dr, Ao532H-2Dr Bt, Ao532H-2Ds, Ao532H-2Ds Bt, Ao532H-B123, Ao532H-B123F, Ao532H-Cbk123G, Ao532H-Cbw123G, Ao532H-Cpk11, Ao532H-CPR11, Ao532H-Cpw11, Ao532H-R123, Ao532H-W123, Ao532H-W123F, Ao533, Ao533-13083, Ao533-13182, Ao721, Ao721-3070, Ao721-3574, Ao721-3922, Nav50
Q: What is milliampere-Hour (mAH) ?
It is a measure of a battery capacity, i. e. the amount of power that is packed into the battery. Higher mah rating results in longer battery life between charges. Mah is the amount of electrical energy the battery can deliver, under specified conditions of temperature, rate of discharge and final battery voltage, over a certain period of time.
Q: Will this Battery fit my laptop if different capacity i. e 4400mah or 6600mah etc?
Yes, it will fit your computer as long as EITHER you computer model OR your battery part number is listed in the list. Higher the capacity rating of a battery, i. e. higher the mAH, longer the battery will last. For example, a battery rated at 1000mAH capacity will last for 1 hour in a device that draws current of 1000mAH and a battery rated at 2000mAH capacity will last for 2 hours in the same device. A high capacity battery would give a longer runtime and reduce downtimes due to unexpected battery failures.
Q: How long does this laptop battery last or what is the discharge runtime?
A: The battery's run time is difficult to determine, it depends on your the battery capacity (mah) , laptop settings and workload, and we can not give you the exact number here. However more capacity of the battery will last for long or result in longer runtime. Most of our replacement batteries have higher capacity than the original ones, it means our batteries last longer between charge cycles. Higher capacity batteries have no impact on the performance of your laptop.
Q: What is battery life?
It is the number of battery cycles (i.e a full charge followed by a full discharge) a battery can offer before it needs to be replaced. Li-Ion batteries generally offer around 300 charge/ discharge cycles.
Q: What charging precautions should be taken when charging Li-ion batteries?
Never Leave the laptop plugged in when not in use, it causes battery life to decrease over time.
Exercise the battery once a week, keep it healthy. You need to periodically use the computer on battery without ac adapter periodically i. e periodically disconnect the computer from its power source and let the battery run all the way down
Never expose the battery to abnormal shock, vibration or pressure.
Do not expose the battery to heat, humidity and water, and never store it or use it near a heat source. Keep it at room temperatures.
Make sure the charger and battery contacts are clean. Dirty contacts can result in a charger/ battery malfunction.
Disconnect the AC adapter if you are not be using your laptop for more than eight hours
Store spare batteries in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Never store a battery in an area of high humidity.

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