New trade wall sticker wall sticker Birdcage Greenwood soothing Jingyi bedroom living room TV sofa backdrop stickers

New trade wall sticker wall sticker Birdcage Greenwood soothing Jingyi bedroom living room TV sofa backdrop stickers

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: SINMORS / new trade
  • Wall Stickers Type: waterproof wall stickers
  • Material: PVC
  • Product Number: pgy88
  • Application of space: Living
  • Color Classification: 100 Buy 2 Get 60 butterflies, do not beat this
  • Style: Simple Modern
  • Pattern: plant flowers
  • Disc: 1
  • Size / processing methods: King
  • Pricing Unit: set
  • Wall sticker style: flat wall stickers

Product Size: Detailed dimensions refer to the effect of image

product material: PVC

Product Features:

  • PVC translucent material, the smooth surface of the material more suitable for pasting of white and light-colored walls, tiles, glass, furniture, etc.
  • Primer for the plastic can be moved, can be moved to remove, posted the wrong position or in the future to facilitate removal of torn, it does not residual glue stains, nor will be affixed to the surface affected, parents who later removed the wall when attached, do not pull, slowly peeling can, Also can not be removed on all walls can be, if the wall bottom embryos is not ready, can not grasp the table paint, paint is not completely dry, dust mixed with impurities local paint decoration, these wall when removed If you accidentally cause paint defects, it would be best to remove a hair dryer after heating
  • Without transfer film, can be pasted directly

Paste Reference:

  • Confirmation is affixed to the surface as a flat surface, with special attention: Usually wallpaper surface has a texture exists, it will affect product paste persistence, it is recommended to use an ordinary transparent adhesive tape to try, such as sticky tape lasting OK, you can paste the wall stickers
  • Cleaning is affixed to the surface of dust and grease, maintain contact surface wall sticker primer dried
  • Paste complex patterns, it can be attached along the wall contour of the wall stickers cut into separate units, and then to put the fight on the floor, the effect is OK, then ripped the end of paper, paste
  • After the end of paper torn wall stickers, you can paste the first intermediate portion is affixed to the surface again, then pressed to the left and paved, which can effectively avoid bubbles, as there will still be individual bubbles can be pressed to pierce