Slide-out Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 4\4S

Slide-out Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 4\4S

Product description:

China Wholesale Electronics

Key Specifications/ Special Features:

  • The NUU MiniKey is a slide-out Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone 4/4S that's perfect for emailing, texting or even blogging on the go

  • Its tactile keys let you type more accurately so you don't have to experience those annoying typos or embarrassing auto-correct mistakes

  • With the NUU MiniKey, the on-screen keyboard will be hidden away as you type, allowing you to view the whole screen

  • Perform copy and paste shortcuts just like on a regular keyboard with convenient navigation keys and editing shortcuts

  • If you love your iPhone but wish that it had a physical keyboard, the NUU MiniKey is the solution for you

  • Features:

    • Backlight can be switched on or off during use

    • Toggle button lets you show and hide the on-screen keyboard if it's ever needed

    • Command key allows for editing shortcuts e. g Cmd + C to copy text

    • Function key to access numbers and symbols, and navigation keys to move the text cursor with ease

    • Rubberized finish for better grip and comfort in your hands

    • Allows for full access to all iPhone 4/4S controls, ports and camera

  • Specifications:

    • 42-key keypad

    • Li-po battery (380mAh) : allows for continuous typing for 5 to 6 hours with backlight and standby for over 30 days

    • micro USB charging

    • Dimensions: 115 x 60 x 20mm

    • Weight: 90g

    • Customized keypad layouts for English, French, German and Spanish are welcome

    • Compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S