Signal jammer | Military Bomb Jammer TG-VIP Manpack

Signal jammer | Military Bomb Jammer TG-VIP Manpack

Product description:

Cellular phones standards

GSM800-900: 850-960MHz
GSM1800: 1805-1880MHz
GSM1900: 1920-1990MHz
3G: 2110MHz-2170MHz
GPS: 1520-1580MHz

Choose three or four frequency bands. We adjust the frequency according to different country.

Output power: 35-50 watt
Shielding Range Up to 120 meters (signal (=-75dBi in the application place. )
Battery Work time: Up to 3 hours

Cooling system Active 'smart' with integrated incoming air filter
Power supply voltage: ~230VAC / ~110VAC, +27VDC
Total System weight: 15KG
Housing: Metal enclosure

Dimension (not including antennae) : 30*45*15cm
Antennae type: External high gain Omni directional Antenna

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