Fully-automatic fa-810 household sweeping machine intelligent vacuum cleaner robot

Fully-automatic fa-810 household sweeping machine intelligent vacuum cleaner robot

Product description:


Model: FA-810 Product Category: Sweeper

Vacuum cleaner models: intelligent vacuum cleaner features: wet and dry

Rated voltage: 100v-240 (V)

(Rated power: 35 (W) Capacity: 0.7 (L) product noise: 55 dB)

Filter By: filter straw in the form: the natural brush forms: Gunshua

Power cord length: 1.3 (m) maximum dust holding capacity: 0.7 (L)

Material: ABS + PC (high light injector)

Weight: 3 (kg) Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 9 (mm) shape: dish

1. Powerful charging function automatically returns

Start the robot automatically charging mode, it will automatically return after work charging and enters the standby state. Users simply open the robots do not have to worry about the rest of the cleaning work.

Smart dust sensor system.

Automatic dust induction system capable of sensing the amount of ground fine dust; automatically looking for dust cleaning (performance) , according to the amount of dust that automatically adjust the cleaning time in the region, more intelligent and effective cleaning efficiency.

3 Schedule automatic cleaning function

Can make an appointment any reservation cleaning time once and within a week, you can rest assured to work and travel, it can automatically clean.

4. Turnaround function

2CM high wires and other debris can be successfully skipped, clever out of the woods, into the case of the plight of the robot will automatically try to use various methods to get rid of the plight of

5 anti-drop function

Do not have to worry about the machine falling shun bad and dangerous stairs, conference table place, the robot automatically perceived danger and avoid ...

LCD smart alarm to remind

Intelligent identification system can help you determine the problem of robot use process, the intelligent recognition system can automatically identify the various anomalies

7. Variety of cleaning mode selectable

Personalized swipe mode, for different family environment to provide the most perfect cleaning efficiency, and meet the love clean love clean your individual needs

8 ultra-low noise

Just less than or equal to 55 dB

9 dexterous side brush

Single side brush control side high-speed rotating brush corner / wall scavenging and into the dust box, the real effective cleaning corners dust!

10 unique mopping function (large area)

Vacuuming can install itself on mopping the floors, the board adopts high-fiber towel (optional dry rub and wet rub) , easy to operate, clean better.

11 large capacity portable dust bucket - 0.7L

12. Intelligent charging indicator designed green light flashes, is being charged; green light charging is complete; battery explosion-proof to prevent overheating

13. Virtual wall function

Virtual strong infrared control, it does not enter the area that you refuse to enter, to give you an unperturbed space

14 ultra-small body

32CM diameter and easy to carry, 9CM high-slim design, easy to drill into the end of the bed and sofa cleaning, parking is more convenient

15 one-touch operation mode, easy and convenient

16 charger power cord (1.3 meters) long design, height socket can be connected; compact design of the charger, do not take up your living room space; the charger using low design hand touch without incident.