Miniature infrared night vision network camera head no lights HD wireless wifi mobile remote home monitoring ultra-small

Miniature infrared night vision network camera head no lights HD wireless wifi mobile remote home monitoring ultra-small

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Was like Color: Color
  • Brand: Can the Greek letter
  • Model: F1S
  • Smart Type: Other
  • Warranty: 15 years
  • Focal lengths: wide-angle
  • Photosensitive area: 1/3 inch
  • City services: city logistics delivery
  • Effective distance: 10 (including) -30m (free)
  • Lens size specifications: 2.8mm

1: I do not wonder why our family camera than others sell expensive, high-tech innovation, unparalleled, our house [F1 HD wireless night vision surveillance cameras] is the originator of this profile development, as early as 10 years ago, we would develop such plants shaped camera features continuous improvement, upgrade, and then upgrade to the current product, we can say that the sale is the quality, professionalism, on the spike of a meter, beyond peer, you can pick the peach treasure to buy back a few good sales comparative study with contrast.

2: powerful P2P cloud technology, mobile remote monitoring with you I do not bragging, we highlight of the camera is HD stability is not dropped.

3: I can say that in the surveillance industry [] No Which products can achieve this effect, so please do not take with other people with low quality to To compare the price of products, some customers talk for a long time for each consultation, and finally ask them the price, too expensive, are not explain Ha, I can only say that a penny, a half a point! Decide production Commodity prices, not me, is the quality! Never fight market price, but the value, something he values ​​so much, no fear the test of time, still credit insurance Card, if you appreciate the noble know, everything is cheap, if you only knew cheap, expensive everything! Quality of future decisions! To go further.

4: peach treasure on a lot cheaper, the key thing is to buy back can not be used, for how long, after-sale machine you still find a problem to the people you really have to admire? Those who engage in low-price business, pit a lot of people, people's petty desire is endless, unstoppable, so this is a panacea to meet the peach treasure Anyone needs, do not blindly pursue cheap enough, with my own words Taobao there are still good things ah, but every time you buy the kind of cheap Pit father goods, not blame others. So the only good quality products and better service.

5: Many people do buy a good monitor said still looks fairly upscale, clear picture quality. Somewhat similar to the motion of the camera, however, is certainly not up to the pixel outdoor sports camera pixels, 'people just a motion cameras are more than 1,000 million pixels, which is the local video is not available Network transmission picture 'We had a 5-megapixel network cameras, domestic mobile phone is the kind of five million, certainly can not be compared with Apple's 5-megapixel handset, What do you say Samsung's 5 megapixel talk to Apple's 5-megapixel image than you? Truth saying here, if the particular pixel to achieve the ultimate high-definition, and the kingdom Within the network do not support, and now with the phone traffic to see a standard definition TV is not too smooth, but also the entire ultra-clear, and certainly do not.

6: You bought something after please sign in person as much as possible, regardless of their income or family income, be sure to face in front of courier inspection child to open the box to check, have any questions Please call me directly on the spot (on the left have my phone number on the invoice) or refused to return. Once signed receipt, Tell me what turned into a brick bullion Head, what 20 machine received only 18, I will no longer bear any responsibility, regardless of old and new customers, and resolutely assumes no responsibility for this problem is very important, I With the courier company's invoice, as long as they lost, get less, damaged, transfer package, you will get me on the spot refused compensation for them, but you sign After received came to me to say, the loss is all my own. So after receipt of the goods on behalf of both is no problem, I will no longer bear any responsibility. Old customers do not bring friendship blackmail wrangling with me. I hope you understand .

7: Super urgent, do not answer; 800 times in the reminder one day, do not take; some sort of a few seconds before the number is less than the difference in assessment complaints refused, do not take; extremely specific when given Interval between sending member, please do not pick you figured out what time shopping around at different speeds delivery rate is currently approximately: 1-2 days in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang 1-3 days , Beijing northeastern provinces 3-5 days; Tianjin, Hebei, Henan and Shandong, Anhui 2-4 days; Other provinces 3-8 days, do not plan a good day will not express to us personally. Home delivery member, we can not control aging, shop helps reminder pieces, but submittal time Unbound. I will despatch payment generally shipped daily from 11:00 and 18:00.

8: strongly recommended that all types of suspect patients to the store to buy all the goods, do not torment me also afflict other sellers do not buy before the consultation asked a variety of hundreds of species, and finally made him look awkward after purchase, then. Comparison shop to find three of the inspection, advise you to go directly to the mall to buy. Some people for online shopping, some people do not fit. Of course, these words only build you really want After my shopping here premise that you receive my recommendation and guidance if not shopping, I do not blame you but you, if only when I was a free consultation to ask them straight Masters Then go to the store to buy a home or other, I really despise.

9: Duty Service is normal, but also life, but also have social gatherings, night clubbing and you just have to open to open customer service Want cinema every day is split. [Bonnet face 'has a pinhole camera it?', 'Has a lighter key ring it? These are the state banned the sale of the company is no such illegal Product, do not come to us in need of such], 'No network can link the phone?' 'How long can the video ah' In fact, these details, which has baby , You can self-service shopping promising to work tomorrow morning will respond directly to you see the message, 'too expensive cheaper, right?', 'Buy two certainly cheap, right? '' You 3 products What is the difference ah? Tell me about it! '...... Really collapse ah, customer service is only two hands, one eye, and often hundreds Customers speak simultaneously, if the reply a little bit slow, be sure to forgive, but we still pick up important questions to ask it.

Finally, I wrote a few words to many old customers, thank you to accompany me through so long, I still choose to thank you in case Want Ads dashing. Trust us. With your support we can go further.