IT-903 8 in 1 Multi-function Ear and Forehead Baby Infrared Thermometers

IT-903 8 in 1 Multi-function Ear and Forehead Baby Infrared Thermometers

Product description:

Product Features:
1. 8 functions in 1 thermometer (8-in-1)
This latest version can measure temperatures of
1. Ear, 2. Forehead, 3. Ambiance, 4. Milk (baby formula) , water and other liquids, 5. It has clock function and 678 has 3-color showed temperatures (green-) normal, orange-) low grade fever, red-) fever) .
There are 8 functions in total.
2. Copper-Nickel alloy detector, more accurate and safer
3. CE certified, high quality product.
4. Display screen: Big LCD digital display.
5. Units switching: switches between °C and °F
6. Fast and accurate measurement to obtain correct result instantly (less than one second) .
7. Suitable for both infants and adults.
8. It is durable advanced infrared technology, use the probe head without times limitation.
9. Easy cleaning, just use moist cotton to clean the probe.
10. Easy to use, operate with one button.
11. For each use, the latest measured temperature will be shown.
12. Green background light, easy to read screen. Great for old people and babies measurement at night
13. A different beep sound will be made when a fever happens.
Elevated body temperature may indicate the immune system is fighting with some kinds of diseases. Monitoring the body temperatures of your loved ones and yourself is important for your family. Take care of your loved ones and yourself is easier now with our latest model thermometer.
Product Specifications:
Model IT-903
Temperature Range Body: 32.0C-42.9C (89.6F-109.2F)
Object: 0C-100C (32F-212F)
Precision Bod y : 0.2C/ 0.4F 35.5C
Resolution: 0.1C/ 0.1F
Operating conditions Body: 10.0C-40.0C (50.0F
Storage conditions -25.0C-55.0C (-13.0F-131.0F)

Battery 1x3V CR2032 button battery