LCD Digital Multitester Multimeter Tester Voltmeter Ohmeter VC890D

LCD Digital Multitester Multimeter Tester Voltmeter Ohmeter VC890D

Product description:

LCD Digital Multitester AC DC Voltmeter Ohmeter Multimeter Tester VC890D

Items do not include batteries

1, the new anti-vibration units, streamlined design, feel comfortable;
2 large screen display, clear writing;
3, the metal shield, anti-magnetic, anti-interference ability;
4, to change the traditional auto power, the normal operation of uninterruptible power;
5, full protection, anti-high voltage circuit design;
6, automatic recovery fuse protection circuit design.
With backlight, automatic shutdown and automatic shutdown function key to select.

DC voltage
200mV/ 2V/ 20V/ 200V/ 1000V
± (0.5% +3)

AC voltage
2V/ 20V/ 200V/ 750V
± (0.8% +5)

DC current
20uA/ 2mA / 200mA/ 20A
± (0.8% +10)

AC current
2mA / 200mA/ 20A
± (1.0% +15)

200Ω/ 2kΩ/ 20kΩ/ 200kΩ/ 2MΩ/ 20MΩ
± (0.8% +3)

20nF/ 2uF/ 200uF
± (2.5% +20)

Special Function

Diode test

Transistor test

Continuity buzzer

Low voltage display

Automatic shutdown

Function protection

Since the resumption of insurance protection

Shock protection

Input impedance

Sampling frequency
3 times / s

AC frequency response
(40-400) Hz

Mode of operation
Manual range