Wholesale Clear 10x25 Laser Rangefinder Binocular Telescope

Wholesale Clear 10x25 Laser Rangefinder Binocular Telescope

Product description:

High Quality Clear 10x25 Laser Rangefinder Binocular Telescope

Model: 10x25
Magnification: 6X
Objective lens: 25mm
Exit pupil diameter: 4mm
Field of view: 122m / 1000 m & 133 yards / 1000 yards
Type of coating: fully multi-coated optics
Type of prism: Bak 4 roof prism
Focus system: Eyepiece focusing
Ranger finder
Laser type: class 1 (eye safe)
Laser wavelength: 905nm
Measuring range: 5-700m
Accuracy: Normal condition+
Meters/ Yards display: Yes
Battery: CR2 Battery DC3V
'Low battery' indicator: Yes
Display: LCD indicator
Weight: 240g
Dimensiopns: 75X40X110mm
1. Depress the power button to turn the power on.
2. Depress the mode button to change 'Meters' to 'Yards'. Dynamic datas switching function receive data, hold down the 'Mode' button, switch units and automatically convert data and real-time show.
3. Press the 'action/ on' button one time, and begin ranging 1, the top-right corner of a simulated laser flashes signs in the loop, said it is lanching laser, the data show that measurement is in the button. Distance show '-' 4 short horizontal line, that goal can't be measured too far back. Data show that will remain until the next operation of the power of automatically.
4. When the battery is running low, in the upper left corner will display a battery symbol, that the battery should be replaced.
5. In the main interface, power supply will be no operation automically after about 30 seconds off.