Wholesale Tactical Zoom Reverse Door Scope Peep Hole

Wholesale Tactical Zoom Reverse Door Scope Peep Hole

Product description:

Tactical door peep hole reverser
6 x 18 zoom lens with 9°field
Designed to aid law enforcement for investigation personnel
Place the reverse viewer over the peephole in the door
Can look into the dwelling without alerting anyone inside
So that potential threats or activity can be identified before proceeding tactical mission
Or used to be a mono telescope for ideal magnification
Simple to focus, from where you are standing, rotate the eyepiece until the image is clear and sharp
The reverser is made of lightweight materials
Durable metal& plastic body
Non-slip rubber armored
Shock-assistant and firm on hand grip
Easily fits into the palm of your hand or slip into your pockets
Comes with hand strap, cleaning cloth& gift box
A gloden peep hole included
Telescope size (diameter x length) : 32 x 81mm
Door viewer size (diameter x length) : 30 x 37mm
Cloth size: 106 x 80mm
Color: golden& black
Package Contents:
1 x Reverse Door Scope
1 x Door Viewer
1 x Gift Box