Wholesale Bluetooth Bracelet with Display

Wholesale Bluetooth Bracelet with Display

Product description:

Bluetooth Bracelet with answering call function watch Time/ Caller ID Display Vibration

Detailed function:

1, Can be connected with any Bluetooth mobile phone.

2, Vibrate when there is incoming call.

3, Called ID display, can display English name for iPhone.

4, Can answer call by earphone, can reject call, or hang up call.

5, Can listen to music by earphone, fantastic voice taste

6, Removable strap, match as you like, multifunctional application, you Can ware in the wrist as a watch, or ware on the neck, or clamped in the book.

7, Time display

8, Anti-lost, guarantee your mobile safety.

9. Accessories: charger, connecting cable , strap

Bluetooth Bracelet Product description:

the metal band caller id bluetooth bracelet (with time display function)

Strap length can be adjusted freely.

* classic bracelet hi-tech (classic and the perfect combination of science and technology, the global original) ;

* delicate beautiful high-definition OLED display;

* strong connected wireless phone: bluetooth V2.0;

* call vibration prompts and phone number display;

* call control bracelets refused to function

* call control identification initiative;

* from the cell phone vibration prompt (prevent stealing, anti-theft, anti lost functions) ;

* automatically match, do not need to repeatedly;

* work status display

* display languages: Arabic numerals

* strap length adjust freely

* quick charge

Technical indicators:

Bluetooth Bracelet Compatible bluetooth 2.0 specification

Class 2 standard (10 meters)

Bluetooth hands-free Profile (Hands - free V0.96) specification

Operating temperature range: - 20 ~ + 75

Storage temperature range: - 40 ~ + 85

The effective distance is 5-10 m

Automatic energy saving mode

Support working patterns/ high speed low power consumption mode

Security authentication, data encryption

Technical parameters:

Boot: current 20 ma

Standby working current: 0.7 ~ 2.0 mA

Vibration display working current: 45 ma

Charging voltage: 4.2 V

Bluetooth hands-free function: a

The function of headset: no

Bluetooth Bracelet work range: 5 ~ 10 m