Nogo / Foko | F1 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers | Mini Speaker Subwoofer Portable Card Outdoors Call

Nogo / Foko | F1 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers | Mini Speaker Subwoofer Portable Card Outdoors Call

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Nogo / dimo
  • Power supply: built-in lithium battery
  • Function: Insert voice prompt function
  • Package type: official standard
  • Dimensions: 78x38x83mm
  • Playback duration: 8 hours
  • APP: No support
  • Connection: USB Bluetooth connection card reader
  • Weight: 193 g
  • Color Classification: Deep Blue Roses Red Lake Water Blue Pomegranate Red Olive Smokey Grass Green Gold Blue Red White Military Green Green Orange
  • Shell material: metal
  • Brand: Nogo / dimethoate
  • Model: F1

Similar products on the market, cheap a lot, why dimethoate F1, after reading you have the answer:
1, The polymer battery is safe and reliable , What is the polymer, Apple's mobile phone is used Polymer battery. Polymer battery charging ultra-fast, the pro-pro-test with 1A charger, not an hour full of the battery.In addition, or pro-measurement, the normal volume playback, Easy 7-8 hours . At the same time, the polymer battery fever is low, Security risks small.
2, Zinc alloy base : This baby to get the hands to feel different, weight, feel, texture, not more than the cottage, at least twice the weight of light than the same time Alloy base for bass feedback is better , Know the music to know. Bibi will know.
3, Sound good bass surging: If you have a hand no matter what brand of portable speakers, the price of 200 yuan or less, although the ratio used, such a small cavity, can make this bass, dare say that should be particularly good . Not afraid of not know what goods, afraid of goods than goods . Although the photographed my family baby, if you get home to get the machine feel bad, or feel bad part of the bass, we Package shipping full return.

Limit the opportunity to limit the pro-people who hastened to start it!