Wholesale Explosion-proof membrane TPU+TEP For iphone 5

Wholesale Explosion-proof membrane TPU+TEP For iphone 5

Product description:

Cell phone super explosion-proof membrane for iphone4/4s/ 5 Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung

Galaxy Note12 iPad mini, iPad4, Galaxy Note10.1

Material: special PET 3 : transparent thickness: 0.25 T

Performance: the resistance to break, is the mobile phone body armor, namely using the

hammer is not bad

A nanometer explosion-proof membrane roof ten thousand s sake-particularly seeing that


This film for nano materials (non tempered glass)

Can very good explosion proof shockproof pressure drop

Reduce the occurrence of explosive screen prevention

When close the phone accidentally fell down, will be

Understand to buy protective film, the price value!

The new product, the new screen explosion-proof membrane

The characteristics of explosion-proof membrane:

Shock: the shock absorption layer can protect the screen from damage.

Viscosity, viscosity is stronger, can fast adsorption, no air bubbles.

Suitable for surface: flexible support surface laminating layer.

Ventilation: silicone paste layer permeability is strong, good joint degrees.