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Wholesale 11200MAH mobile power bank

Wholesale 11200MAH mobile power bank
  • Wholesale 11200MAH mobile power bank
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11200MAH mobile power bank

11200MAH mobile power bank Product parameters:

Input: DC 5V/ 1A

Output: DC 5V/ 1A DC 5V/ 2.1A

Battery life: charge discharge cycle more than 500 times

Battery capacity: 11200mA (Section 4, 18650 lithium ion battery)

11200MAH mobile power bank Product introduction

1, the high performance of lithium ion batteries, environmental protection, safety, non-toxic.

2, the battery is durable, convenient, easy to use.

3, portable, can be any place for digital products and mobile phone power supply.

Matters needing attention

1, the first use of the products with electricity please.

2, the use of this product, please open the mobile phone screen, to confirm the charging connection symbol is displayed correctly, to ensure that the product has to work.

3, in charge for this product or use this product when charging, please use this product with USB retractable cable and connector, in order to avoid the use of fault using other connectors and connector brings.

4, the mobile phone charging process, the product of blue battery indicator flashes, said the power shortage, the need for timely for the product charge.

5, in the mobile phone connection with this product, mobile phone to give priority to the use of the product quantity.

6, mobile phone is fully charged, please timely output the connecting line to dial out, avoid the loss of electric power.