Brand N7300 Stereo music Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Headset Headphone one for two bluetooth earphone for iphone

Brand N7300 Stereo music Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Headset Headphone one for two bluetooth earphone for iphone

Product description:

Smart voice caller ID, Voice control incoming calls, this product uses the latest Bluetooth V4.0 , support multi-point connection of two phones. Power consumption display function in Iphone.

Latest V4.0 EDR matching speed and noise reduction and power saving technology

Latest ergonomically designed earplugs easy with a solid and comfortable (and even without earhook than the General with firm)
Support all mobile phones with Bluetooth stereo, computer, Tablet PC connection songs call
Connection subsection Bluetooth headset paired with your computer, you can listen to a variety of computer audio, you can used to voice chat from wireless QQ, MSN, SKYPE.

Compatible the Iphone4 (ios) , Symbian (Symbian) , Android (Andrews) , mainstream mobile phone system. Mention such as support for Apple iphone, ipad, itouch products, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola mobile phones, Bluetooth stereo support for listening to music all call ~ ~ ~ ~
Pairing method: in Bluetooth headset shutdown state, has been pressing power, the beginning of the blue lights flash, do not let go, the blue lights twinkling slowly until the light red and blue flashing alternately (wrong) , let go of this process probably 6-8 seconds. Then he can use the mobile phone Bluetooth search.

Product specification:
1: Can be connected with two mobile phones, realize multi-usage convenient and quick;
2: hidden button, located in Bluetooth top, compact and beautiful;
3: V4.0 version, good compatibility and the general to all mobile phone brand

Bluetooth attributes: Bluetooth version high-quality
Version: Bluetooth V4.0
Bluetooth name: Bluetooth-Music
Talk time: about 4 hours
Standby time about: 150 hours
Music time: approximately 4 hours
Charging time: 2 hours
Connection support: also connected to two mobile phone
The battery indicator: by high performance li-ion polymer battery charging ways
Size: 58X18X10mm
Net Weight: 9.8g

Color: black, white, red

Working life: more than 500 tims

Package Contents:

1X Bluetooth host

1X earhook

1X Vice headphones Line

1X headset sponge sets

1X user manual

1X packing box

Compatiable with:

1. For iphone 4 4s iphone 5 5s

2. For samsung galaxy S serial cellpones

3, For samsung galaxy note serial cellphones

4. For ipad 2 3 4 ipad mini

5. For samsung galaxy tab note tablet pc

6. For nokia sony lenovo huawei cellphones

7. For xiaomi mi2a mi2s mi3 hongmi