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Wholesale 3G Video Security H.264 Camera 8 LED Night Vision Max 32G

Wholesale 3G Video Security H.264 Camera 8 LED Night Vision Max 32G
  • Wholesale 3G Video Security H.264 Camera 8 LED Night Vision Max 32G
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3G Video Security H. 264 Camera 8 LED Night Vision Max 32G

Support WCDMA/ 3G network , 3G video surveillance camera is the next generation wireless security monitoring products , mobile video call by dialing anywhere remote video surveillance.

The live video compressed to mobile video calls dialed way video calls , and can be monitored anywhere flagship site ;

3G camera support maximum 32GB TF memory card installed 32GB TF memory card cases, local video data can be stored for 10 days , after the expiry of video recorded data is automatically overwritten.

Meanwhile, the surveillance video can be played back on the phone can also be played back on a computer . Really be able to do - to Jane accompanied grasp safe .

Technical parameters

Image Sensor: 1 / 4 inch 300000 pixel CMOS sensor

Compression : H. 264

Working frequency : HSDPA / UMTS 850/1900/2100MHz

EDGE / GPRS / GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Network operators : support China Unicom WCDMA 3G network

Sensor Performance : Support automatic white balance , automatic gain control, automatic backlight compensation

Night Vision Distance: 8 LED lights 20 meters

Operating temperature : 20 ℃ a 55 ℃

Video format: MP4 format local video pixels : 320X240

Remote video transmission format : QCF format

Remote video pixel : 176x144

Audio: Built-in microphone / AGC

Battery working time: 8 hours continuous work

Power input : AC100V-240V/ 50Hz

Output ; DC5V 2000mA

Lens : standard 6mm (3.6mm 8mm 12mm 16mm) optional

Host size : 78mm ( length ) * 58mm ( W ) * 40mm ( height )

Host weight : 185g

Method of operation

This product uses USIM card , supporting WCDMA 3G network

Card : TF card memory cards and the USIM card into the card slot of the host following

Power : The main power switch to ON at the self-test for about 1 minute , the host into the working state

Indicator Status Description

1, when the red light when charging , fully charged , turn green

2 , boot flashing red light turn green after 1 minute into the working state

3 , 5 seconds off flashing red lights turned off

4 , low battery flashes red

Recording time example:

1GB can record 12 hours .

4GB can record 48 hours .

8GB can record 96 hours .

16GB can record 192 hours .

32GB can record 384 hours .

Video data is automatically overwritten


1, the newly purchased USIM card into the phone idle , any telephone calls about activation , then put to use within the host .

2, not in the boot state pluggable USIM card and TF memory card , otherwise it will host Sun Huan parts cause the host does not work.

3 , if you want to remove the USIM card and TF memory card turn it off , otherwise the recorded data will be lost.


Supermarkets, hospitals, schools, factories, workshops , shops, stores , offices , warehouses , kindergartens , classrooms , business offices , yachts , enterprises, financial room , office, old baby and child care , car monitor , villas and residential home security .

Packing list :

1 X M99 3G Camera

1 X Antenna

1 X DC 5V Power

Packing weight : 300g