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Wholesale Q2 Portable video infrared camera

Wholesale Q2 Portable video infrared camera
  • Wholesale Q2 Portable video infrared camera
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Auto-start record video and audio upon body motion

200hrs standby time


Portable video infrared camera


TUTA Q2 Mini video security DVR includes PIR sensor, CMOS camera lens, 2-32GB TF card, microphone, infrared LED lights and battery. Q2 can detect infrared body motion. As soon as it detects body motion, the Q2 will auto-record a video (including audio) for 30 seconds then return to standby mode to wait next motion trigger. Q2 has night vision to record video even in darkness environment. The microphone can record audio within up to 10 meters area. The video files are stored on the built-in TF card. User can replay the videos by connecting the Q2 to a computer via a USB cable. Back-up battery support 200hrs stand by time and 200 minutes recording time. No need any installation, free use-cost.

Functions Portable video infrared camera

Most efficient video recorder: Start recording as soon as Q2 detects somebody motion;

Build-in PIR detector: Once it is activated, Q2 will start to record 30 seconds video, then turns to standby mode to wait next trigger;

Support TF card: 2 - 32GB, auto overwrites;

Record audio: Up to 10 meters effective record range;

Replay video files on computer: Via USB cable, plug-and-play;

Easy DIY installation, free use-cost.

Technical specifications

TF card: 2G to 32GB

Camera: CMOS

Microphone effective record range: 10 meters

Video captured range at night: 6m

Recording time: 150-2400min.

Battery stand by duration: 2hrs for recording continuously, 8 days stand by.


Base (Four color optional)

USB cable


TUTAQ2 applications

1/ Take care of children. Parents can get the images of childrens daily lives.

2/ Monitor the corridors of hotel or restaurant to record when someone passing by.

Monitor coffer or other cabinets for holding valuables to keep detailed records of user actions.

3/ Monitor the pass in and out situation of store and warehouse.

Monitor store managers daily work.

4/ Install within the shop to record the daily flux of customers or to record the service of salesperson.

Install near the presentation windows or desktop to record the attraction situation of the presented goods.

It is convenient for analyzing of the distribution of customers, the attraction situation of goods, which can improve the service quality, increase the sale performance.

5/ Install in small shop to record cash registers work state, storage situation of goods, or stolen behaviors.

6/ Use in office to record the pass in and out situation when no one on duty.

Automatic PIR DVR use in office or non-attendant indoor area to keep a detailed log of user actions on important documents or valuables.