Wholesale 500X 5.0MP USB Digital Portable Microscope auto focus+ manual focus A005+

Wholesale 500X 5.0MP USB Digital Portable Microscope auto focus+ manual focus A005+

Product description:

500X 5.0MP USB Digital Portable Microscope auto focus+ manual focus A005+


•With several patents, Supereyes Microscopes are widely used in medical analysis, the laboratory applies, the zoology and botany dissection, Beauty, teaching, scientific research, collections identification , Industrial quality inspection, micro-electronics product development and production management, helping spurious ticket inspection, Forensic identification, automotive, environmental engineering and other fields.

•Our microscope and borescope can be put into the pocket and kit easily and expediently so that the items can be used to do inspection at anywhere. Another highlight is the video-software, which developed by our company, can make video 11 hours continuously but only take up 3.6GB memory. It supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating system. Be sold for several years, because of their stability and practical applicability, the items are more and more popular for buyers and professional customers, and occupy a worldly market. And we get many order sheets from all over the world, such as Europe, USA, South America, Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East and so on.


•Magnification: 1/10-500X

•Resolution: 5MP, 2592*19441600*1200640*480

•Focus: Auto-fine-tune + Manual focus

•Working platforms: Windows7/ Xp/ Vista/ Mac OS/ Linux

•Software functions: taking photos, recording videos, measurement, text input

•Photograph: software or photograph on the cable, Anti-tremble capture function

•Videography: High compression, 3.6GB/ 11hours

•Image format: JPEG; video format: WMV/ DZC

•Measurement: arc length, point-point length, angle

•Calibration Ruler; precision: 0.5mm

•Max Size: 17mm*126mm

•Light source: LED, Adjustable brightness

•Display speed: 30fps

•Interface: USB 2.0

Software Functions:

•Supereyes software is specially matched with each model of Supereyes products.

•Supereyes software is developed based on the index of Supereyes products, such as: color, speed, resolution, measurement and so on.

•There are 3 languages in the Supereyes software right now, they are simplified Chinese, English, Japanese. If other languages are needed, we do can include them as per customers request. Supereyes software could be used in Vista, Windows 7, Windows Xp, Linux. Supereyes software has many features, including taking photos, long time video recording, do measurements (measure length, measure arc length, measure angle) ,text input capability, reading data directly and have video player.

Packing List:

•USB Microscope

•Users' manual

•CD for Supereyes Software

•Plastic Ruler

•Dimension: 19cm (L) *13cm (W) *7cm (H)

•Gross Weight: 400g