Black Tools Air conditioning | concrete wall HOLE | wall hollow drill Arbors | impact hammer drill

Black Tools Air conditioning | concrete wall HOLE | wall hollow drill Arbors | impact hammer drill

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Black Tools
  • Color Classification: 100mm (without connecting rod) 95mm (without connecting rod) 90mm (without connecting rod) 85mm (without connecting rod) 80mm (without connecting rod) 70mm (without connecting rod) 65mm (excluding access rod) 60mm (without connecting rod) 55mm (without connecting rod) 50mm (without connecting rod) 45mm (without connecting rod) 40mm (without connecting rod) 35mm (without connecting rod) 30mm (excluding Post ) Park shank extension bar 280mm 75mm (without connecting rod) square shank extension bar 350mm square shank Arbors Arbors 430mm 430mm hexagonal five hole round shank extension bar 350mm extension bar 350mm round hexagonal shank extension bar 430mm extension bar 350mm centering drill
  • Item: Wall hole saw

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Since Taobao freight template can only write a total, not each product specifications weight are entered into, so we can set the maximum weight of the link inside the product, resulting in pro buy small size product, shipping an error Please understand pro after the shoot down, if shipping error, please contact customer service to you to modify the pro! wall opening is relatively heavy, freight paid-up!

Our convenient for the customer photographed, no special set shipping free shipping = + Post HOLE! Set free shipping! Single shot an opening or a connecting rod is not free shipping, and pay attention to Oh!!

Buyers must see: this paragraph baby non-suit, Arbors and hole head sold separately, single shot mm wall hole saw without connecting rod, connecting rod without a single shot the wall opening, hope you parents who alerted When photographed together with the connecting rod to the cart, will be based on your order quantity actually captured goods and package delivery, mistakenly shot the restaurant is not to bear the consequences, so do not necessarily look carefully; Products are only suitable for installation on a hammer, connecting rod shank hammer chuck and shank type should match (round handle and side handle) , Please buyers choose carefully, thank you!!!

Note!! Wall openings is used in the hammer above your bullish hammer handle folder, not the three-jaw drill impact drill, please distinguish the machine, I do not know can consult customer service ..

Hammer holes vibration is too large, easy to loose screw this situation is most of them have temporarily manufacturers also can not solve, the buyer can, after a good place to continue to remove the center drill hole, the small hole 30 and 35 will screw up hole saw part of a small center drill hole does not need is no problem.

Models are for reference purposes

Diameter 30: 4 charge (generally water pipes and water heater pipe)

Diameter 35: 6 charge (generally water pipes and water heater pipe)

Diameter 40: 1 inch pipeline

Diameter 55 and 65: 1P-2P air conditioning ducts and pipes Bathroom

Diameter 75: 2P air condition air condition duct -5P

Wall opening, also known as hollow hammer drill, using high-quality alloy welding, brick and concrete structure of the building for the opening, Hammer dedicated, brick and concrete walls can play, can not play steel, tile and stone oh

If one side of the wall tiles, you must first tile with tile hole saw to make a hole, and then punch the wall hole saw, hole saw is recommended tile wall than a large hole saw size!