Wholesale wireless Bluetooth keyboard

Wholesale wireless Bluetooth keyboard

Product description:

Product Name: k001 silicone rubber iPad series aluminum alloy multifunctional wireless Bluetooth keyboard can be used for new ipad& ipad
Product type: K001
Aluminum alloy wireless Bluetooth keyboard can be used for new ipad*ipad
The application of the system: IOS system
1 product features
1.1 multifunctional 3 Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth wireless connection, convenient connection.
1.2 high quality PU silica gel if holster
1.3 is applicable to IOS system, can be used for new ipad& ipad
1.4 can be used for iPhone
1.5 shear angle and chocolate keycaps, use comfortable handle
1.7 built-in lithium rechargeable recycled, charging time can be used for nearly 55 hours
1.8 support intelligent sleep mode
1.9 has the wisdom of both fashion appearance, as you carry, best friend swim around when necessary
1.9 special functional keys: the music control, volume control, such as the home page, easy to operate
2 silicone material waterproof and dustproof button comfortable without noise
2.1 when not in use can be rolled up to save space
Keyboard specifications:
The lithium polymer battery
Battery capacity: 280mah
Product specifications:
Bluetooth version
USA Broadcom 3
Product size
Size of carton
10.2*7.2. cm (Yuan Zhu)
Carton size
The weight of the product
Net weight
Gross weight
The number (PC)
Black and blue
Working current
2.5 - 3.5MA
Sleep current
Life time
The 100 day
Charging time
3-4 hours
Working time
The 25 day
Key life
2 millions of times
1 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
2. USB charging cable
3 manual