Wholesale Celluon Magic Cube Projection Keyboard Mouse

Wholesale Celluon Magic Cube Projection Keyboard Mouse

Product description:

To answer your first question at mind, yes this is 100% real! The Magic Cube is an ultra-portable, full-sized virtual computer keyboard. The Cube is a compact and versatile product; it's a multi-touch capable mouse, a laser projection keyboard and a handwriting recognition device.

The Magic Cube appears to your computer or mobile as a standard keyboard or touchpad, communicating via USB wired use or Bluetooth for wireless use. Power off/ on the Magic Cube to switch between wired use with USB connected and wireless when not. No drivers are needed. Runs for up to 2 hours of continuous typing when wireless. Charges when connected via wired USB.

Package including:

Celluon Magic Cube
internal Li-ion battery
USB 2.0 cable for charging and wired use
Manual/ Quick Start Guide (English)

Compatible OS:

Android 2.0 (or later)
iPhone/ iPad 4.0
Windows 7 Phone
Windows 7 PC
Mac OS X