Wholesale S-61 portable projector business projector

Wholesale S-61 portable projector business projector

Product description:

The light source
Red, green and blue leds
Screen aspect ratio
4: 3
Luminous flux
30 lumens
The resolution of the
640 x 480 (video)
The projection image size
6 'to 100' '
The projection distance
25 cm to 300 cm
Zoom & focal length
Manual focusing
Projection source
External: 3 and AV socket, the built-in memory or memory card
Broadcast format
Images: JPEG. BMP. The GIF format
Audio file: MP3, wav format
Video files: 3 gp, mp4, AVI, WMV, ASF
PPT (partially compatible with Office2003 version below)
PDF (partly compatible Acrobat7.0 the following version) , support maximum 10 MB file
Audio speakers
The built-in memory
2 gb
Memory slot
Support the power supply
USB power adapter, built-in rechargeable lithium batteries
The operating environment
0 degrees Celsius ~ 35 degrees Celsius
Overall dimensions
52 mm * 123 mm * 22.5 mm
Machine net weight
220 g
The gross weight (including packaging accessories)
580 g