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Wholesale 2.4GHZ pen type Mini wireless mouse

Wholesale 2.4GHZ pen type Mini wireless mouse
  • Wholesale 2.4GHZ pen type Mini wireless mouse
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2.4 Ghz wireless transmission range of 8 to 10 meters
AVAGO 5090 photoelectric chip linear stability, met strong ability
Current 14 ma, 1 7 battery 1 to 3 months are available, and no signal automatically power off function, less electricity
Handwritten input, can be used in small desktop
Handwritten design, when sitting in different angles, use comfortable, not tired
Humanized design key position, is very convenient
The mouse small base, place does not occupy a space
Scope of application:
Can be set to 'handwritten signature system, the electronic approval system' the signature of the pen
Change the traditional way to master type mouse, finger operation, prevent the happening of the mouse hand
Very convenient computer teaching, multimedia software operation, can be on the computer desk meters casual writing;
Intelligent network television remote control, is very convenient
Handwritten input, sogou handwritten input system can replace tablets
Real-time hand-painted, can accurate to graphics, editing
More convenient advantage, to be exploited

N low voltage alarm function
When all the battery power is low, pen rat, low voltage alarm will light up, remind you to replace the battery as soon as possible, must use alkaline AAA batteries when replace the battery.
N the cursor speed switch functions
Your mouse offered 500/100 cp1 cp1 two speed for you to choose from, the initial value 1000 CPI, you can use the CPI speed switch button to get your favorite cursor.
N technical specifications
Wireless carrier frequency: 2402 MHz to 2480 MHz
Wireless channel work: 16, automatic frequency hopping
The rated working voltage: 5 v
The rated working current: 15 mA
Tracing system: optics
The maximum acceleration: 14 inches per second
Resolution: 500/1000 cp1 cp1 is adjustable
USB interface: version 2.0
N to wrap accessories:
2.4 G wireless mouse pointer 1
Mini USB receiver 1
Instructions 1