Wireless remote control flying squirrels

Wireless remote control flying squirrels

Product description:

1 / powerful triad function, super energy saving air mouse remote = computer keyboard + wireless remote control mouse + games
2 / international intelligent shake, the mouse cursor smooth top algorithm stability, is enough
3 / built-in lithium electricity
2.4 G wireless transmission, USB receiver, simple and easy to install
Air mouse function, intelligent image stabilization design, performance is comparable to a desktop mouse
Wireless keyboard, full keyboard support, can form a complete set of PC to use
Android remote control function, in view of the Android system optimization and set-top boxes
Body feeling game function, balance and action such as body feeling game
Operating system support: Windonws, Mac OS, Android, Linux
Hardware platform support: computers, smart TVS, set-top boxes, network player, tablet computers, game consoles, etc.