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Buy 2 get 1 | Toilet Seat Paste Toilet Seat | Toilet Seat | Toilet Seat Cassette Cartoon Seat Toilet

Buy 2 get 1 | Toilet Seat Paste Toilet Seat | Toilet Seat | Toilet Seat Cassette Cartoon Seat Toilet
Product code: 26351500030
Unit price 1.04-1.36$
Sold quantity 37014
Available stock 1596

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Huixin Hao music
  • Item No .: 0088
  • Color classification: increase the amount of blue cat plus a lot of pink cat to add a paragraph of blue fish meal color at the end of love (B) yellow flowers (A) small elephant (A) purple bottom love (B) purple Dielian Flower (B paragraph) white blue rose (B paragraph) white powder rose (B) white purple rose (B) blue Dielianhua (B) pure blue horse bucket pad blue cat cartoon green roof flowers (A) Pink Bunny Cartoon Elemental Green Love (A) light pink love (A) pink cat cartoon blue fish cartoon foundation flowers (A) white flowers (A) blue rabbit cartoon blue Color kitty cat (part A)
  • Toilet bowl type: paste the toilet pad
  • Material: Other
  • Number of pieces: 1 piece

Buy to send activities:
Buy 2 get 1, shoot 2 made 3 pieces! If the same price to send the same paragraph, such as the same price of the inside of the low price that one (9.9 yuan +6.8 yuan to send is 6.8 yuan) Send the color is random! Are good-looking color Oh! And so on, buy more to send, do not cap! Send not to shoot the ha! And so on, buy more to send!
Pro please note Oh:

This section of the toilet pad for the adsorption design, tearing the back of the transparent film, directly attached to the toilet can be safe and environmentally friendly, clean, no trace does not hurt the toilet, you can repeatedly use.

And now on the market of such products, most of them are viscose design, stick in the toilet seat above, not easy to remove, remove the traces will be left, can not be removed, directly damage the toilet seat.

Welcome pro who is more than a lot of people, carefully selected. Choose a reasonable design, high quality toilet cushion!