Wholesale USB Magnetic Stripe Debit Card Reader HCE-412 2track

Wholesale USB Magnetic Stripe Debit Card Reader HCE-412 2track

Product description:

Model: HCE-412

- Perfect gadget for peeking what's stored inside cards such as debit, credit, discount, vip club, door/ entry security cards
- PS/ 2 data and power interface (driver free play and play)
- Powered directly by PS/ 2 port (35mA maximum power consumption)
- Connects between your keyboard and PC, does not interfere with normal keyboard operations
- Reads 2tracks from magnetic cards
- Designed lifespan: over 600000 swipes
- Bidirectional swipe supported (swipe from left to right or right to left)
- ANSI / ISO 7811-7815 standards compliant
- Supported encoding standards: Code 39, Code 93, UPC/ EAN, Codebar, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128, Full ASCII Code39 (Extended Code 39)
- F2F (FM) decoding mechanism
- 75BPI and 210BPI supported
- Interference resistent design
- Read, write, and power LED indicators
- Supports high and low speed swipes: 10-120cm/ s
- Beeps once for each successful swipe, thrice for failed swipes
- Both high and low density cards supported
- 1.8 meters connection cable
- Allows easy integration with custom software solutions
- DIP Switches: 1: CR/ LF on/ off, 2: Symbols on/ off, 3: XT/ AT modes, 4: PS/ 2 input on/ off 7: ISO/ IBM modes (all other switches should be set to OFF)