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Wholesale 3 million pixels high sweep instrument A4 scanner

Wholesale 3 million pixels high sweep instrument A4 scanner
  • Wholesale 3 million pixels high sweep instrument A4 scanner
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The first, small volume, easy to carry, is especially suitable for mobile office, size is only about 1/10 of the ordinary scanner.
Second, a key shooting, shortcut, archive file object, aimed at all. Shooting in kind, SLR cameras, comparable. Within one second to A3 file scan to computer, it greatly improve office efficiency, reduces the office hours.
Third, can be used as a physical display and audio recording DV.
Fourth, can be taken by direct 1: 1 file print, replaced the copier.
Fifth, with the world's leading OCR documents recognition technology, can automatically analyze space, can identify more than 180 kinds of text, tables, bar code, a variety of forms such as language, etc. , as well as special symbol recognition rate is as high as 98% above, support for multiple languages, symbols and Numbers of mixed identification, identification results remain the same as the original image of the layout, and can be a key export as a word or excel file.
Sixth, paperless fax technology, even if there is no fax machine, also can send a fax, significantly improve the efficiency of the fax.
Seventh, power consumption, covers an area of work, green environmental protection, health, for you to save cost, improve work efficiency
Eighth, USB 2.0 interface, plug and play.
9, all the functions are ordinary scanner
The tenth, unique features:
Have the pictures of the timing function, convenient sweep a book into a computer, don't need to take the book apart
Have video function, can be used as an ordinary camera
Have copy function, cooperate with the printer, can copy task done without the copier, reduce office expenses
You can add text in the photo images
Can be cut to shoot pictures
The photo images can be tilt correction, arbitrary Angle rotating images
To filter the photo images, impurities removing stains, remove background, automatic box
The text, tables can be OCR function
Can the three-dimensional scanning